In the article “Written in the Stars” written by Lauren Romano that appeared in the January 2016 issue of Vantage magazine UK, Linda comments on astrology and how it relates to fashion, relationships and self-awareness...

...“There’s nothing wrong with having some fun with it all,” proclaims Linda Joyce, the astrologer and life coach who administers personal consultations and readings from her New York base to clients across the globe. We’re talking about Selfridges’ shop by your star sign service that was launched to coincide with its zodiac-themed windows last month. An ‘astrolounge’ was created and an in-house psychic was on hand to offer intuitive shopping as well as readings and crystal massages. “If people go into a store and learn something about themselves how fabulous is that?”

Even though she peppers our chat with lines like: “Pisces is about fantasy. Steve McQueen was a Pisces – talk about fantasy!” Joyce is no Mystic Meg. Her straight-talking soul-searching makes our conversation feel like a therapy session, in a good way. “Ahh,” she says pensively when I reveal my birthday, as if suddenly that explains everything. “Everybody’s looking for a focus. Most people have trouble thinking for themselves. Why do you think people have trouble dressing themselves?”

The answer, according to Joyce, is that we don’t actually know what we want, but luckily astrology can point us in the right direction, as it can pinpoint our strengths and our weaknesses.

“Astrology is a map of who you are. The answers lie within. The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to present yourself to the world in the most positive, powerful way.” One of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome is our collective inability to say no. “You can’t build a life when you can’t say no,” Joyce asserts. “No is a confrontation, you might be disappointing someone or rejecting them, but the truth is when you stand up for yourself you become much more attractive.”

So is the New Year the right time to work on the new you? “I think resolutions are wonderful, but the problem with them is that nobody makes a real commitment. We all get inspired by new beginnings, but most people have trouble with self-discipline and commitment, myself included!” she laughs.

Joyce is a firm believer of looking to the skies for answers. Glimmers of self-revelation, clarity and inner calm, she believes, come from unlocking the secrets to the stars. Nevertheless the sheer enormity or what surrounds us, the millions and billions of years of history is arguably far from reassuring. For many the dawning realisation of our own insignificance, as tiny specks in an evolving, infinite universe, means the cosmos can seem elusive and forever out of reach.

Back at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich the search for answers is never over. The team are currently keeping an eye on Britain’s first European Space Agency-trained astronaut Tim Peake, whose mission to the International Space Station is about to begin.

Will the romance of space ever fade for Dr Bloomer? “I have a very early memory of being shown the Aurora Borealis by my parents as a child. Admittedly I was so small that I didn’t really appreciate that the sky wasn’t always changing different colours, but it may have planted a seed,” he smiles. “Astronomy ‘opens up’ the more you look into it, so the wonder of discovery and exploration never fades.”

And in a month like January, couldn’t we all do with a little wonder? Instead of looking forward this year, maybe we need to start looking up. 


Linda Joyce comments on astrology, relationships, fashion and self-awarness