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Feelgood workshops


As part of Red’s commitment to wellbeing and getting the best out of life, we’ve devised a series of monthly workshops where you can join our Feelgood File expert. Esther Fieldgrass, and health and beauty director Carmel Allen, to explore different self-help therapies and personal development techniques. World – famous authors and personalities will motivate, excite, inform and entertain you over lunch at the Red Room restaurant at Waterstones book shop in Piccadilly London. These afternoons could have life-changing consequences.

The first event, which takes place on January 15th, features internationally renowned astrologer and numerologist Linda Joyce, whose transformational workshop “You Are The Star” costs only  £65, including lunch and material.

During the afternoon, you will be able to use your astrological chart to learn how to:

  • Develop and maintain a fulfilling relationship
  • Utilise anger and fear as a source of motivation
  • See the difference between destructive and healthy ideals
  • Detach from ideals and fantasies that demand loyalty, but lead to despair
  • Love your mistakes and turn them into stepping stones to authentic power
  • Create a supportive inner voice that will help you manifest your dreams

There are only 40 places available, so sign up now and let Linda Joyce show you how to become the heroine of a great story: your life.



Linda Joyce featured in Red Magazine