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First published in 1987 Kindred Spirit is the ultimate global guide to positive change. Available bi-monthly each issue covers a range of diverse subjects such as spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, travel, health and much more.


Kindred Spirit reviewed The Star Within.


“The greatest gift our parents can give us is the courage to live our dreams. Linda Joyce has devised questions that reveal how our parents’ fears, failures and joys have shaped our attitudes.” Linda Joyce


Ego, Spirit and Soul

“Most people make the mistake of valuing spirit over ego. Ego rules the world of reality, it keeps expectations of others at a distance – you’re either with me or against me – and encourages you to be selfish in pursuing your destiny. It’s purpose is to use deception to protect you. When you feel weak, ego can help you appear confident. Ego needs spirit to help it find the creative way around the problem. Sprit is motivated by love and the need to connect with others. It gains Strength I helping others. It never has a plan, only a yarning for wholeness. Spirit is spontaneous, its favorite place is the unknown, without rules or limitations, where those with faith have the advantage. Spirit cuts through illusion by having the patience to let life unfold.”


“Both are vital for creation. Together ego and spirit keep you cautious in danger and courageous in opportunity, but without soul to unite them these two opposites can tear you apart. The soul give you an overview; once you follow one voice, life begins to flow and you are lifted above the mundane. The soul is idealistic, If you allow ideals into your heart, their sense of peace, freedom, truth and justice can inspire and empower you.”


The article presents and explains the twelve questions in The Star Within.



Linda Joyce featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine