Obstacles Are A Blessing


If life is too easy, you’ll never learn, grow or know yourself. Obstacles are placed in your path, not to stop you, but to create resistance, so that you can bring what’s in you, out. You are so much more than you think you are, but you’ll never discover who that person is, if you don’t have challenges or difficulties to overcome. Children without structure or limits seek them out as adults, there is an inner need to be pushed up against your imposed limitations so you can gather your strength, unite your mind, body and spirit, and conquer the problem. This is the only way to free your spirit and feel it soar. Freedom is not about no one stopping you; it’s about you being able to overcome whatever obstacle you find in your path.

Your spirit is not automatically engaged, it comes out of its sleep when there is a challenge or a risk that is met or taken. When you commit to finding a way, even though the solution is not evident to you, then you call forth your spirit to participate. This is also when the universe pays attention and begins to send you solutions, opportunities and paths you never thought existed. Your mission is to believe, commit to a solution and not limit your options. Yes, you can do the impossible, if you believe it is possible. You need a vision to see where you’re going and the courage to take the first step alone. Once you begin, just keep taking the next step and you’ll get there faster than you thought. 

Linda Joyce - Life Coaching - Obstacles Are a Blessing