The Road To Disappointment



If you’re a person who finds yourself constantly disappointed, don’t blame life or your karma -- look at your expectations. There is nothing wrong with longing for an ideal partner, project or dream, but if you are too attached to your images, they will lead to disillusionment. Images don’t change by themselves; you have to alter them. If you’re afraid of not having what you want, then the truth may be ignored. The wise choice is a commitment to a journey; a journey takes you on an adventure and continuously feeds you with new information about yourself and others. This is your chance to adjust your vision based on your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned. Remember, the closer you are to the truth, the stronger you are.

Having no expectations is not the answer. We all need to embrace the world the way we want it to be, it’s how we reach for our dreams and make things happen. However, expectations need tweaking along the way. If your partner tells you he loves you and swears he’s reliable and yet, he’s always selfish and never shows up, then you need to downgrade your expectations or even let them go. And that is the problem; most people can’t let go.     

Letting go requires faith. Faith requires self-esteem and the ability to embrace the unknown. When a relationship or project doesn’t work out, look for the lesson in the experience, embrace the gift in the shadow – it’s there. To become a master at shaping your world, you must know how to dissect it; you must pluck what you want from the moment and leave the rest. Validate the things you love and ignore the negative by not engaging with it. And whatever you do, don’t accept the whole package – at least not in your mind. This talent requires the ability to recognize what you want in all its disguises. You must go below the surface and see beyond the image to the essence of your desires– what are you really asking for? The key to happiness is knowing yourself.       

Linda Joyce - Life Coaching - Expectations are the root of all heartache