Escape or Create


Some people live in dreams; some believe they are only for artists or fools. The truth is, everything that is built, everything that is created, begins with your imagination. Dreams can come as a thought that flashes into your mind and encourages you to take action or they are visions that have latched on to your heart and won’t let you go. Dreams that are meant to manifest don’t come and go, they create the necessity to act, to move towards them no matter what the challenge.

There are two basic types of dreams: escape or create, and the first often evolves into the second. An escape dream is created around something that gives you pleasure; you take that tiny seed of desire and build a world around it. We create escape dreams when our reality is very difficult to manage and we feel the need to balance it with joy. If you only use your scared space to escape into, then that is what it will be. Wanting to be a rock star because no one pays attention to you may be the beginning of a dream, but it if you’re not willing to practice or make the sacrifices that are inevitable when a dream desires to become a reality, then it will remain a place for you to feel good for a moment but it won’t evolve into anything else. Reality takes real work that often includes disappointment. To manifest a dream you have to let go of its fantasy and sense of perfection. It’s up to you what your dreams will be – a place to escape or a creative journey.

Whatever you do, you must not concentrate on the end result alone, that will put you on the fast track too anxious for the prize, and you’ll miss important details that could help you succeed. The fastest way forward is to slow down and not be in a hurry. You can’t learn when you’re in a hurry and common sense seems to go out the window. What you need is the ability to envision where you want to be, the ability to take responsibility for whatever happens to you and not blame everyone else for mistakes or bad luck and that’s for starters. Add to that the experience to discriminate between who you can trust and who is a fraud; the ability to prioritize your challenges and know what’s really important and you’re almost there. It’s also important to not isolate yourself so you can learn from others, and it’s essential to have a relationship with your inner voice – it’s also called your intuition.  Your mission is to take a risk and if it fails, you need to be able to learn from what happened and try again. If you get discouraged at a simple rejection you’ll never make it to the top.  Be conscious of your goals, love yourself and appreciate and respect others, then one thing is for sure, you’ll enjoy the journey no matter what happens and that is the real purpose of a dream. 

Linda Joyce - Life Coaching - Dreams - Escape or Create