The Star Within asks twelve questions that have the power to change your life. The questions identify the beliefs and emotions that shaped your life as a child.

The twelve questions are divided: six represent your mother, six your father.

  • The Dream: What was your mother’s dream for herself or for you?
  • Vision: What was your father’s vision or philosophy of life? What did he believe to be possible? 
  • Values: Did your mother enjoy life or did she choose security over joy?
  • Risk: Did your father take risks for his goals? Did his risks pay off? 
  • Safety: How did your mother express her love for you and make you feel protected? Or did you protect her?
  • Success: How did you connect with your father? How did he share his world with you?
  • Faith: What was the most important thing to your mother? What did she believe she needed to make her happy?
  • Inspiration: What inspired your father in life or brought him joy?
  • Separation\rebellion: Could you stand up for yourself when you disagreed with your mother? What happened when you did?
  • Wisdom: Did you see your father as strong or wise? What were his best and worst qualities?
  • Fear: What was your mother afraid of? What does she believe stopped her from fulfilling her dreams?
  • Uniqueness: How much did your father live by his own values and rules?


LOOKING AT YOUR ANSWERS; by answering the 12 questions you will be able to identify those areas of your personality that are weak and strong. Having this knowledge is vital to your own personal development and will enable you to move forward happily and successfully. Answering the questions will enable you to do the following:

  • Be able to separate from the negativity of your past.
  • See that your problems today are the same unresolved issues of your parents (or the people who raised you).
  • See why you feel stuck, confused, or powerless.
  • Identify the beliefs that are preventing your advancement. 
  • Identify the fears that are not yours, just passed on to you by your parents.
  • Understand why you lack or have motivation?
  • Understand the weak links that are holding you back. 
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