There are countless factors that determine your destiny, and all of them can be traced to a single moment in time. 

The Day You Were Born - A Journey to Wholeness through Astrology and Numerology.

Once the coveted knowledge of priests and kings, astrology and numerology have been around since the dawn of time. Now astrology expert Linda Joyce reveals the hidden formula that combines these ancient sciences - a formula you can use to gain unique insight into yourself and create the future you really want. Are you an Aries One? A Taurus Nine? A Scorpio Seven? Once you understand the true meaning of both your sign and your birthday number, you’ll discover how to:

  • Choose the career that will best showcase your talents.
  • Understand your intimate relationship needs - choose the partner who is ideal for you.
  • Understand why others act the way they do - from family to friends to co-workers and employers.
  • Create an environment in which you’ll flourish.
  • Balance your energies to experience new inner harmony.
  • Maximize your special strengths.
  • Learn how to set boundaries - when it’s all right to say no.
  • Bring more love, happiness, and fulfillment into your life.
  • Actualize your dreams.

Including special meditation and visualization exercises tailored just for you - along with a special section on celebrities who share your sun sign - The Day You Were Born is your road map to the stars - a day-by-day guide to happiness, success, and inner peace.
Find your sun sign and birthday number and learn something about your life challenge.

THE FORMULA: The formula reveals a life challenge that once faced and integrated, begins to change your life. To get it, combine your sun sign with the number of the day you were born. If your number is a double digit - add them together (March 21 = 2 + 1 = 3 Aries\Three).
Aries (March 21 - April 20)
Aries is the ability to say yes to life. It asks you to project yourself into the future using a vision; to do this you must have faith in yourself and your dream. How much faith or fear you have is reflected in your attitude and it is your attitude that attracts or repels others.
One (March 28, April 1, April 10, April 19) Your quest is to be the sole authority in your life and until you achieve this goal success will be difficult. Faith in yourself is essential for to follow your heart may take you away from those you love.
Two (March 29, April 2, April 11, April 20) Fear and emotional dependency on others is your weakness. Sharing helps you heal; faith gives you renewed strength. Now you know how to turn vulnerability into power.
Three (March 21, March 30, April 3, April 12) You need an impossible task to conquer, this will test your beliefs, faith and opinions and either make them strong or ready for the trash can.
Four (March 22, March 31, April 4, April 13) An extraordinary negotiator. Seize the moment and use your ability to enjoy and function in conflict to unify hostile and opposing forces.
Five (March 23, April 5, April 14) You’ve got too much on your plate, let go. Too many talents and not enough faith demands you choose and take a risk in order to advance.
Six (March 24, April 6, April 15) Filled with desire and a sense of power you are discovering who you are and where you are going. Your passion attracts others. Can you choose what you want instead of being chosen?
Seven (March 25, April 7, April 16) You’re a visionary. Keep those goals but be spontaneous, use your instincts and you’ll learn how to create that vision now.
Eight (March 26, April 8, April 17) Tough, loyal and persistent, you can gain success through hard work, but what you need to keep that clock ticking is - passion.
Nine (March 27, April 9, April 18) Competitive, gifted, and obsessed with speed, you know how to get others to see things your way. Patience is your challenge; learn it and you’ll live longer.
Taurus ( April 21 - May 20)
Taurus is the ability to say no to temptation and the need to grow beyond the desire for unconditional love. The challenge is the creation of morality through the ability to accept and reject what life has to offer.
One (April 28, May 1, May 10, May 19) Your concepts of pleasure, safety and security must change for you to move forward and begin to walk your own path. It’s time to grow up.
Two (April 29, May 2, May 11, May 20) Sensitivity and creativity are your gifts, but they need protection and solitude to mature. Learn to hide your truth (until it's developed) without sacrificing its essence. No you don’t have to lie, just know what not to say.
Three (April 21, April 30, May 3, May 12) Given the power to influence others, a position of leadership is not unlikely. Humility is a must, but rare. If you’ve got it, you’ll have staying power too.
Four (April 22, May 4, May 13) Change and excitement are what you seek - you’re evolution in progress. Slow down and smell the roses or you’ll miss out on intimacy.
Five (April 23, May 5, May 14) Talent you have - it’s part of the problem. You can’t decide what to do. Choice and responsibility are your challenges, turn your back and you’ll spend your time chasing your tail.
Six (April 24, May 6, May 15) Perfectionism doesn’t have to drive you and others crazy - find a positive and productive place to use your obsessive nature and you’ll be happy and successful.
Seven (April 25, May 7, May 16) Whatever you judge you attract - so watch your critical nature. The trick is to be in the now, not some distant dream or desire.
Eight (April 26, May 8, May 17) A bleeding heart is better than none at all. Risk yourself and you’ll find that love is not something you test, but something you give and receive.
Nine (April 27, May 9, May 18) You want it all yesterday. Desires try to rule here, give them a kick and send them back until you’re ready to move forward. Then there is nothing you can’t do or have.
Gemini (May 23 - June 21)
Gemini meets life through the power of play. The ability to choose and use light and shadow, good and evil, for protection and advancement on your path is the goal.
One (May 28, June 1, June 10, June 19) You’ve kept your freedom by changing your truth - try it the other way around. Be clear on your intention, then your creative genius and ability to connect with others will bring you great reward.
Two (May 29, June 2, June 11, June 20) You flip between isolation and a social schedule that would exhaust a politician - it’s those emotions you’re running from, they require you to be in them - now you know the problem.
Three (May 30, June 3, June 12, June 21) A great leader, you see the detail and the whole picture. Red flag intimacy - you’re too busy for emotions.
Four (May 31, June 4, June 13) Isolated or lost in the needs of others, the only thing that can save you is the word no!
Five (May 23, June 5, June 14) A master of many trades or rendered paralyzed by choice, you need to take risks, not worry about making mistakes.
Six (May 24, June 6, June 15) A genius is waiting for decisiveness to give it birth. Find your passion, give it discipline and there is nothing you can’t do.
Seven (May 25, June 7, June 16) Bring your dream into the moment, don’t live with it in some far away land. You have the power to create if you can just transform judgment and pessimism into faith and spontaneity.
Eight (May 26, June 8, June 17) Repetition and fear is your enemy - faith and passion is the magic that makes life happen.
Nine (May 27, June 9, June 18) Gifted with talent, wit, and a tongue that stings, you get ahead once your ego is strong and your faith is powerful enough to not let your fears tell you what you can or cannot do.
Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Cancer asks you to create a sacred space within you that will allow the soul to experience life and still remain safe and innocent. It is time to develop intimacy with your faith. It’s time to heal through sharing your feelings and your pain.
One (June 28, July 1, July 10, July 19) Don’t let a needy world keep you from your path. Your talent is the ability to use strength or vulnerability to get what you want.
Two  (June 29, July 2, July 11, July 20) Obsessive, eccentric and psychic, your fears prevent your creative nature from flourishing. Learn to fulfill your own needs instead of expecting others to do the job.
Three (June 30, July 3, July 12) Resilient, strong and rebellious, you do things your way unconcerned about what others think. Intimacy and compromise are a challenge.
Four (June 22, July 4, July 13, July 22) Attracted to the misfits, don’t spend your life trying to heal misguided souls. Your talent lies in negotiation; use your ability to navigate through crisis to bring about peace.
Five (June 23, July 5, July 14) Analyzing your feelings keeps you from experiencing them. Stop talking about life and start living it.
Six (June 24, July 6, July 15) Love is what you live for. Don’t get stuck seeking it - find it within, then share it with others and you’ll never feel lost and alone.
Seven (June 25, July 7, July 16) Mood swings and pessimism lurk at your door. Confidence and creativity are your strengths, but it’s faith that sends the demons home.
Eight (June 26, July 8, July 17) Yearning for compassion, it’s not what you admire. You like your partners tough, critical and demanding. Get tough with yourself and you’ll change the dynamics.
Nine (June 27, July 9, July 18) The ego reigns here, it’s strong and has a nose for weakness - use this knowledge to heal or control. It’s up to you.
Leo (July 23 - August 23)
Leo is the striving towards your most noble self. You are asked to strengthen the heart through sharing your talents and spirit with others and by confronting the father or authority figure in your life. This allows you to become a leader.
One (July 28, August 1, August 10, August 19) Competitive and rebellious, you dislike authority. It doesn’t keep you from attracting strong people who oppose your principals; opposition is how you strengthen your will.
Two (July 29, August 2, August 11, August 20) Over-confident or too sensitive and helpless, you need to know both roads in order to become a success.
Three (July 30, August 3, August 12, August 21) Freedom is the one thing you’ll never surrender. You avoid advice from others because you know that all answers are found within.
Four (July 31, August 4, August 13, August 22) You stand up for what’s right, even if it means standing alone. I know you have strong principals, but you also love controversy, change and the unknown.
Five (July 23, August 5, August 14, August 23) Travel, the desire to explore and learn beckons you. Remember, roots don’t have to be a house or a home; it can be truth and a curious mind.
Six (July 24, August 6, August 15) Can you stay on your path when love, beauty and security call you away from your goals? If you don’t have the answer yet, don’t worry, it’s coming.
Seven (July 25, August 7, August 16) Rely more on faith and less on control, then your perfectionist nature won’t drive you crazy, but rather it will make you a success.
Eight (July 26, August 8, August 17) A true loner, you don’t let just anyone into your private world. Expand your heart, then passion won’t be what you see and not what you get.
Nine (July 27, August 9, August 18) You don’t have to make life happen, just respond with confidence when opportunity presents itself.
Virgo (August 24 - September 23)
Virgo is the quest for perfection and the inner experience gained through sharing and service to others. The struggle to detach from desire, and align with one's higher self - creating one path, one voice to follow is the quest.
One (August 28 - September 1, September 10, September 19) A desire for control, a need to test your will against others, is what you seek and what makes your life both interesting and a struggle. Surrender your power to Him, and the game changes.
Two (August 29, September 2, September 11, September 20) You want company - share your feelings. Remember, it’s your wounds that create bonds, your strengths create separateness.
Three (August 30, September 3, September 12, September 21) Faith is tested here. You need to believe in your talents and yourself and not let desire keep you stuck, isolated, aggressive and out of control.
Four (August 31, September 4, September 13, September 22) You’re a catalyst of change. Chaos is your playground, it gives you control because others panic and you can see in the dark.
Five (September 5, September 14, September 23 ) Your will is your gift and a constant nemesis - how you direct it either gives you your power or keeps you chasing your tail.
Six (August 24, September 6, September 15) Your Gods are either beauty and truth, or luxury and money. You’ll need them both, so don’t play favorites.
Seven (August 25, September 7, September 16) Self-denial is strong. You love to be tested. Your partners are tough and don’t give an inch. Want something more - conquer your desires then you can enjoy life without guilt.
Eight (August 26, September 8, September 17) You push yourself beyond earthly limits, remember to be kind to yourself, not just everyone else. Tough to reach, you live in a small, private world that one only enters through trust.
Nine (August 27, September 9, September 18) You’re stuck between your ego and the spiritual world, between giving and serving, between wanting and desiring. Life is a bit of both, learn to accept rather than judge, and you’ll find happiness.
Libra (September 24 - October 23)
Libra is the ability to take action toward personal truth which leads to external crisis and the need to separate from the “herd.” This is the end of individualization and the beginning of equal relationships.
One (September 28, October 1, October 10, October 19) Success is important but it must be achieved without compromising your truth. Freedom and love are precious, don’t see them as conflicting - they aren’t when you know who you are.
Two (September 29, October 2, October 11, October 20) Self-indulgent or selfless - your nature is extreme and in a constant state of flux. Discipline is the balance, without it fear prevails.
Three (September 30, October 3, October 12, October 21) You feel chosen to accomplish something great - you will as long as you’re not afraid of the truth and have the courage to stand up for your beliefs.
Four (October 4, October 13, October 22) Anchor yourself in truth and love, then the chaos you create, and the changes you demand from others, will be positive.
Five (October 5, October 14, October 23) Versatile to a fault, your many talents divide you. Embrace them all, and choose one path and you’ll have the success you deserve.
Six (September 24, October 6, October 15) Excessiveness and perfectionism is your burden and your gift. You love truth, desire beauty, and need faith, but it’s divine discontent that keeps you on your path.
Seven (September 25, October 7, October 16) Your quests are never simple - they’re impossible - yet you can achieve them because you believe.
Eight (September 26, October 8, October 17) In the balance of heart and mind, passion and technique, which side needs more marbles? Risk yourself and you’ll bridge the gap between the two worlds that divide you.
Nine (September 27, October 9, October 18) You get the red carpet, even when you don’t make an effort. It’s called magnetism and you’ve got it. Use it wisely.
Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)
Scorpio is the destruction of old habits and psychological patterns that prevent Spirit from taking the lead and becoming a stronger voice than earthly pleasures and personal goals. Transformation is your way of life, don’t be afraid to live on the edge.
One (October 28, November 1, November 10, November 19) Either too isolated protecting your independence or too dictatorial defending your beliefs, you live life to extremes. Forget about who's right - it’s all a matter of intention and point of view.
Two (October 29, November 2, November 11, November 20) Emotional highs and lows are the storm clouds that threaten your peace. Too sensitive, you react, fearing that feelings will never leave - know even they can be used once they’re intellectualized and understood.
Three (October 30, November 3, November 12, November 21) You live by your own rules and beliefs - learn how to express them without breaking the law.
Four (October 31, November 4, November 13, November 22) Individualism is redefined when you enter a room - you’re misunderstood because you choose to be - not because it's written in the stars.
Five (November 5, November 14) Your will is to win, your talents many, don’t get lost in the games of life or you’ll forget your own truth.
Six (October 24, November 6, November 15) You’re a master at using charm and love to get what you want. Remember take only what you need to accomplish your goals and give to others whatever you wish to receive.
Seven (October 25, November 7, November 16) The problem here is not your intensity, or your ability to put everything you have into what you do or who you love - the challenge is deciding who is worthy of the gift.
Eight (October 26, November 8, November 17) Obsessive, you are attracted to others who are controlling, critical and disciplined. Don’t give your power away; use it to become the best at what you do.
Nine (October 27, November 9, November 18) Your ego is strong and constantly challenged. It must know when to lead and when to follow.
Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)
Sagittarius is the seeker or believer. It seeks to dominate the moment through physical and spiritual commitment to a truth. Your beliefs are only what you are willing to fight for. You discover what is important by seeking great difficulties and impossible goals.
One (November 28, December 1, December 10. December 19) Strong, independent and invincible, you love your freedom and fear the restraint and compromise that intimacy demands.
Two (November 29, December 2, December 11, December 20) A loner, you find your answers from within, then you share them with the world. Yes, you’d make a great leader.
Three (November 30, December 3, December 12, December 21) King among Kings. You can hold your own against the “finest.” Your faith is earned, it hasn’t been handed to you on a silver platter.
Four (December 4, December 13) Freedom and a desire for excitement, is your most prized possession - don’t let it keep you from love.
Five (November 23, December 5, December 14) Go ahead - run for President. You are a natural leader capable of seeing many viewpoints and making them all work according to your beliefs.
Six (November 24, December 6, December 15) Charming but tough, you’re a rebel in a smile. Change occurs without alienation, but it occurs often and usually with you as the catalyst.
Seven (November 25, December 7, December 16) You are a gifted visionary. Use your strength and the support you easily receive from others to manifest your dreams in the now.
Eight (November 26, December 8, December 17) Timing is your challenge - faith gives you synchronization. The more you surrender control and trust your instincts, the easier your life becomes.
Nine (November 27, December 9, December 18) You have the power of presence, endless energy, and if you add faith and a clear vision, the world will comply to your desires.
Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)
Capricorn realigns one's life with the heart; it attempts to balance the ego and spirit and unite your inner feelings with the demands of the outer world. It is the quest for the summit or the ability to use faith to go beyond your goals to a new vision.
One (December 28, January 1, January 10, January 19) Don’t let discipline and your desire for perfection, make you forget that life is nothing without love.
Two (December 29, January 2, January 11, January 20) When fear is dominant, you panic and live in your dark moods. Face them through acknowledging their presence and balance will begin to be yours.
Three (December 30, January 3, January 12) Timing is your challenge. Without the ability to trust yourself, you’re out of step with life and its rewards.
Four (December 22, December 31, January 4, January 13) Breaking through limitations and habits is your strength - please don’t stop there - use the new perspective for a positive purpose.
Five (December 23, January 5, January 14) Either too intellectual or totally uninhibited, your mission is to adjust yourself to an ever changing environment. Flexibility gives you power.
Six (December 24, January 6, January 15) Don’t let material possessions or worldly success take the place of love - it can’t.
Seven (December 25, January 7, January 16) Able to communicate with anyone anywhere, you have the ability to bond with those who are handicapped or hard to reach.
Eight (December 26, January 8, January 17) Ambitious and disciplined there’s not much that you don’t scrutinize - go ahead and be critical - see the flaws - then know that love conquers all.
Nine (December 27, January 9, January 18) You work hard, are loyal and commit with your heart and soul - be careful who receives such precious gifts.
Aquarius (January 21 - February 18)
Aquarius is a return to innocence through forgiveness. Reclaiming what you have abandoned is the quest. You have learned to use yourself to neutralize conflict and tension. You are the quintessential negotiator and individual.
One (January 28, February 1, February 10) Your sense of individuality is constantly under siege - keep your focus and your goal in spite of the endless changes and crises that attempt to pull you from your path.
Two (January 29, February 2, February 11) Either you jump into life and express your uniqueness or you live isolated and alone on the sidelines, hoping someone will push beyond your refusal to join in.
Three (January 21, January 30, February 3, February 12) Freedom is important, but without a challenging cause to fight for, you’re lost. When you learn humility, your personal life begins to flourish.
Four (January 22, January 31, February 4, February 13) Freedom and self-expression is continually challenged - don’t get caught in proving others wrong - live your life; ignore interferences.
Five (January 23, February 5, February 14) A restless mind leads to new discoveries or unnecessary worry. Learn when to let it soar and when to be master of your thoughts.
Six (January 24, February 6, February 15) You are always growing and evolving, others have trouble keeping up - so don’t be surprised if you find yourself alone. You need to learn how to stop and smell the roses.
Seven (January 25, February 7, February 16) Intuitive and quick minded you visit the world of spirit, and the unknown without effort. If you’re not ready for a chat with phantoms or spirit guides keep your thoughts in the moment.
Eight (January 26, February 8, February 17) Change is inevitable, even though it frightens you to death. You are continually being realigned by the universe, so learn to love it and go with the flow.
Nine (January 27, February 9, February 18) Shattering the old and useless, rebuilding with new and creative ideas - this is your talent. You have the power and the magic to change the world.
Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Pisces is the emotional embrace. It is wholeness through the uniting of disowned emotions. Your universal self breaks through when you have the confidence and faith to create the world you want to live in.
One (February 19, February 28, March 1, March 10, March 19) Confidence is the key here - when you have it along with discipline, anything is possible. Without it the world is an enemy and the freedom and independence you desire will never be yours.
Two (February 20, March 2, March 11, March 20) Too much compassion can be a problem, you must know how to say no. If you can’t, isolation is the result and all your creativity and uniqueness stays hidden and unrecognized.
Three (February 21, March 3, March 12) Generous and strong, you live by your own rules. If you lack confidence, then someone powerful may dominate your life.
Four (February 22, March 4, March 13) Genius is not impossible, it comes with solitude and an unique and original approach to life. Assaulted by thoughts, you are capable of letting them take you to places no one has ever been before.
Five (February 23, March 5, March 14) A master manipulator, you know how to turn a situation to your advantage. Intention is the key here, keep it good, and things go well, use your skills for totally selfish reasons and you’ll become your own worst enemy.
Six (February 24, March 6, March 15) Prince Charming could take lessons in idealism from you. Love is what you want, but you tend to forget you are an earthly being and people have flaws.
Seven (February 25, March 7, March 16) Capable of convincing anyone of anything, you have the power to create your world anyway you see it. Without confidence this power doesn’t exist.
Eight (February 26, March 8, March 17) You can reach the unreachable, do the impossible and handle several different realities all at the same time. With discipline and faith your path is paved in gold.
Nine (February 27, March 9, March 18) Manifesting a dream is your challenge. Don’t wait for others to validate your ideas or give you support - do it yourself and it will happen.



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