January Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)

It’s time to put yourself first and finish your old projects. It’s easy for you to solve the problems of the world and difficult for you to focus on yourself. Virgo is about service and it’s important to acknowledge exactly what you want to achieve. Be clear and you’ll get what you want. Relationships are good and will work now. In fact, you’ll get the nurturing you desire. All is well for the first month of the year.

The power of Virgo is in how they use information; it’s no longer just about gathering it together or memorizing facts. Virgos see a need, and they either serve that need or see it as a business opportunity. They see immediately what is missing and what needs to be done to turn a disaster into a success. Often it’s nothing more than a simple rearrangement of what already exists. The ultimate mission of a Virgo lies in service. The challenge is to decide whether to serve humanity or greed. All too often a Virgo gets stuck with one foot in its spiritual life and the other in the world of business. They have no trouble using a different set of values to accomplish whatever task is before them – so yes they are versatile. However their real mission is to acknowledge both heaven and earth and find a way for these two sides to work together in harmony.

There are two Full Moons in January. On the 1st it sets off your 11th and 5th houses of friends and pleasure, Virgos will get a glimpse at how important they are to their friends and causes. You’re someone others can depend on and that’s always a talent in demand. With the Sun conjunct Pluto and Venus in Capricorn in the 5th house, you’re the central figure in your own drama. This is not the month to be the fixer, unless it’s your issues. It’s a great lesson when you realize that if you don’t resolve the problem or do the work then somehow it gets done. Step back and see how you attract chaos and crisis, it’s always flaring up around you. When it’s not your problem you do have the magic wand and know exactly how to make things right.  However, if you do it all the time it doesn’t help anyone – they don’t learn and you get overloaded. The Full Moon on January 31st sets off your 12th and 6th houses  – dreams, the unconscious and service to others. This will be a total lunar eclipse. What you discover during a lunar eclipse is your shadow, the fact that you are not a perfect being. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your flaws due to an unexpected happening or because of how you give and receive in life. Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged, learn from your mistakes and realize that no one is perfect. 

What needs attention is your work schedule. Uranus rules your 6th house and is square Pluto the ruler of communication for Virgos. The truth will not just present itself, you’re going to have dig for it. In fact if you weren’t so good at intuiting what’s really going on, this could actually be a crisis. To solve your problems things have to change. What’s outdated has to go, if you want to move ahead. Most people don’t like change, even if it’s for the better. So pay attention to your own resistance.

The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio gives you incredible energy now and it allows you to dig deeper into whatever you are working on. Scorpio energy is all about exposing hidden truths. They are the detectives of the universe. With a trine to Neptune, idealism is high and so are your goals. The trine is in water so your intuition is enhanced and it may play an important part in getting you whatever you want. You tend to have an obsessive side and with this conjunction it can easily lead to behavior that is extreme. This will throw you off balance by overextending your energy and eating up your time unnecessarily. Try to put limits on whatever you are doing, although I don’t really believe that it will be possible.

 Relationships should actually be very supportive and sensitive to your needs this month. Ruled by Pisces they have strong intuitive abilities and for now they will be plugged into your needs. Enjoy the moment; it may not last forever. If you’re single it could very well be a great time to meet a soul mate, someone who really gets you at a deep level. It’s your dream and your fear. When you feel connected and in love there is a part of you that surrenders, you lose control and that is never comfortable for a Virgo. The challenge is to lose yourself and then return to who you are and be comfortable with the separation. You can’t live in someone else’s space forever. It’s not healthy and the reason why most Virgo’s look for partners who are strong and distant, this way it’s easy to stay centered.

This is the first month of the New Year. I hope it brings you health, wealth and happiness. If you take care of yourself – it will.  


Virgo Horoscope by Linda Joyce