November Horoscope for Virgo

(August 23rd – September 22nd)


This month finds you restless and eager for a new adventure. There is a passion boiling up inside of you, don’t hold back – make it happen. This is your moment to step out of the past and into the future. Relationships get stronger if you communicate your feelings – even the negative ones. It’s important to be truthful and when you can everything improves. 

Virgo is a complex sign, it has a strong will and an inner world that seems to never be satisfied. In search of a greater power, they need to realize that their mission is a spiritual quest, not a mundane one. The things of the world will never quench their thirst for something more. Virgo is the link between the worldly quest for success and the inner yearning for wholeness. There are many ways to connect to one’s spiritual self. Nature has the power to speak to our soul and give one a feeling of connectedness. Creativity is another side of spirituality, it demands one to trust the unknown and not just take what is already available. The quest for wholeness goes awry when a Virgo feels that someone else has more power than they do and so they turn their lives over to a partner and in so doing, lose their power. What they need is faith and faith can only be achieved by embracing the unknown.

The Full Moon occurs on the 3rd and 9th house of communication and wisdom. There is a desire to learn, a restlessness of the soul that is seeking a new adventure, a greater truth or a new experience. With the Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a desire to hold on and to let go. Instead of holding on to the past, Virgo should embrace new ideas and a greater vision of themselves and the world, then the past will shrink and disappear. The Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio is a powerful force, especially with the trine to Neptune. If you have something that you really believe in, you will make it happen. Others will pay attention because what you feel is so strong that they can’t ignore you. Whatever you want to create --now is the time for action. Take the risk and see where it takes you. Your ruler, Mercury will change signs on the 6th; it moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. When this happens your focus will be on the bigger picture. See yourself where you want to be and you’ll get there.  

The Saturn\Uranus trine brings together work and pleasure, the past and the future. It’s time to stop flipping back and forth between opposites and learn how to integrate extremes. They all have something in common if you pay attention. If you learn to play with your work, because you love what you do, then the line between work and play doesn’t exist. As a Virgo you tend to push your boundaries until they break. You’re seeking the turning point in yourself and others – but don’t do it just for fun or you’ll alienate everyone around you.  

Mars, the planet of action is a bit isolated at the beginning of the month. However by the New Moon on the 18th it square’s Pluto, the ruler of the 3rd house of communication. This is not the time to push your ideas forward. There will be strong resistance from those who don’t agree. So unless it’s absolutely necessary, wait until the end of the month and things will be easier to accomplish. If you have to do so, then gather others of like mind to stand by your side and give you support. Nothing is impossible if you approach a problem the right way.

Relationships in general are a challenge for Virgos – they have Pisces ruling their 7th house. Pisces can be very idealistic and so the Virgo often seeks someone that fits their ideal. Hopefully you know perfection is not possible, nor would it be any fun. Usually it leads to disappointed. Ideals are not meant to be manifested -- they’re there to give us something to strive for. What you’re really looking for is someone who understands you – a soul mate. You need a spiritual connection. Don’t settle for someone who looks the part or who is considered successful – you need more than the outer world has to offer or you won’t be happy. If you’re in a relationship, you should enjoy this month. Neptune brings understanding and harmony with a trine to Jupiter and the Sun. Communication is good and there is nothing that improves a relationship faster than the ability to discuss how you feel without judgment or criticism. When you can do this on a regular bases you build a strong foundation. The turning point for relationships comes on the 23rd when Neptune stations direct and things begin to move forward. If you’re single,  you could meet someone in your neighborhood. You’ll find that it’s an easy connection and things seem to flow without effort. However, this is just the beginning of a relationship, even if it’s a good one. Make sure you present yourself as you are and don’t try to be someone you are not. That only leads to trouble. If you are capable of embracing it, there is strength all around you, so take advantage. When you feel empowered you are at your best.

The New Moon on the 18th puts the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd house of communication. All these planets are in trine to Neptune. This is a creative time for you. Your imagination is strong and you have an ability to see into the future. Don’t hold back, share with others your insight and knowledge, they’re counting on your wisdom to guide them. Remember during a New Moon your intuition is what leads the way. So pay attention to your gut, more than the facts, it has the information you can rely on.



Virgo Horoscope by Linda Joyce