November Horoscope for Taurus

 (April 20th  – May 20th)


It’s time to learn respect for rules and the fact that you need the support and help of others to survive. It’s a tough lesson for a Taurean who likes to see themselves as above it all and invincible. If you can pull in your ego and give a little more you’ll find that this month brings you both financial and personal rewards. You are on the brink of something wonderful, but it’s up to you to use your intelligence instead of your ego.

 A Taurean talent is their ability to play with truth – theirs and yours.  Always testing what you say, they are looking for your turning point, what makes you take a stand and oppose them. Words and warnings mean nothing to them. Very few people stand up for their beliefs, when confronted, they often choose to be liked rather than cause conflict. Taurus takes advantage of this flaw; they keep pushing until you snap. Then they wonder why you’re so upset. They’re also learning about their own boundaries and need for self-discipline. Without it, they will never be able to harness their energy and achieve their goals. The only way to deal with a Taurus is with black and white rules. No negotiations. Once you negotiate they’re off and running to do things exactly their way. Selfish, yes, but they don’t see it that way. You let it happen. So why is it their fault? The other extreme of Taurus is the pleaser, the soul who tries to do everything right, afraid of making a mistake. This is the victim side of this earth sign. Both extremes need to come together and be used in appropriate ways. The ability to get what you want from others is a definite skill worthy of praise, when the intention is honorable. Pleasing others when it comes from the heart shows an empathetic soul. But if you do so because you feel you have to in order to be loved, then it’s not healthy. Love yourself; treat yourself with respect and dealing with others won’t be confusing.

The Full Moon on the 4th pits you against the relationships in your life. You’re in the midst of change and you’d like to rely on the strength of others, but suddenly “others” are stronger than before. They’re demanding more in return. You may find yourself resenting this, but then remind yourself no one owes you anything. Life is about give and take and to have a good life, you’ve got to do both. This month you have to do the giving before you get your return. So do it with a good attitude. Everyone is changing now and what you used to get away with is no longer possible. The truth is, you respect strength so in the long run it should improve your partnerships. As flexible as you are in some ways, you don’t like to submit your authority to anyone else. However, it is your resistance to compromise that is a problem. Without the ability to rely on others in a time of need, you’ll find life harsh and lonely. Another facet of this challenge is you don’t like to do things the way others want it done, so you never get the respect and approval you’re seeking. If you really want to be accepted you will have to adjust.   

The Full Moon on the 4th happens in Taurus and it makes a trine to Pluto in the 9th house.  Once again you are being asked to do something according to “the rules.” You are not given much of a choice. However, your issues with authority have gotten you into a predicament. Everyone has rules they must abide by: at their job, in society or with friends. If you can adjust without too much irritation you can achieve great rewards. The possibilities before you are enormous. In fact you could actually find yourself close to achieving many of your goals.

Love can be a power struggle this month. If you’re in a relationship you may feel your partner has become more independent. They know what they want, and now they’re going to reach for it. This may make you feel less important, but you’re not. Stop worrying about what others are doing and take care of “yours truly.”  If you’re single, you may find that you’re attracted to someone who doesn’t seem to notice you – well at least they pretend not to. Get your confidence up and go after what you want. They’re not going to pay attention until you make it clear that you see them as important and worthy of attention. There’s a part of you that enjoys being rejected, because you love to win – you love to work for something and overcome the odds. When you can stop using this skill as a game and apply it to life’s challenges then the world will give you what you want.

Early in the month, Mars is a bit isolated and you feel cut off and alone. That’s not a bad thing. You need time to think about who you are and where you’re going. Look at yourself and see how you have created the world you live in. If you don’t like your world -- change it. Don’t let the feeling of loneliness get you down. You rely on the input of others too much; they are not in charge of your self-worth. You are. Once you own your real power and use it to accomplish your dreams you will experience true strength. But it’s hard for you not to push the buttons of those around you and then feel good because you made them jump. That’s just for your ego. Stop the nonsense and get serious. When you focus on results you get them. Towards the end of the month Mars squares Pluto and the relationships you have been counting on refuse to budge. If you want something from them, you’re going to have to do it their way. Look at this as a challenge and not an insult. It’s a necessary skill. It’s important to be able to get what you want by giving someone else what they want. It’s all a part of negotiations.

Saturn rules your house of travel and legal matters, also your beliefs. It makes a trine to Uranus this month and Uranus rules your house of career. This is your opportunity to take the good from the past and add it to the new. You must realize by now you can’t do things the same way you have. You need to make changes for your life work to bring you success. Saturn trine Uranus will allow you to integrate the new with old and give you the strength of both.

Neptune in your house of friends is in trine to the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio. Your friends will be helpful to you, and they will support your vision. However, if you rely too much on others it will challenge your self-worth, but there’s nothing wrong with receiving help, however it’s not something you enjoy. When you’re not in charge, when you’re not the giver, you feel vulnerable and it upsets you. You like to play the hero and save the day. But we all have to learn to navigate both sides of all opposites and this is a major challenge to conquer.




Taurus Horoscope - Linda Joyce