January Horoscope for Taurus

 (April 20th  – May 20th)

The New Year brings you renewed hope and convictions. You have the talent, that was never the question, what you need is a commitment. How can you manifest your greatest self without some semblance of consistency? A commitment tells the world you believe in you. It’s time to honor yourself. You know what to do.

Taurus represents both love and money, for we put our money toward the things we love and value. Taureans fluctuate between being very strong or feeling like a lost soul. Strength comes from commitment, from rooting oneself in one’s goals, desires and beliefs. This connects a Taurus to their mind, body and spirit and it takes them off the path of seeking instant pleasure. A Taurus without roots becomes a tumbleweed, tossed in the wind, never settling down, never rooting itself in meaning and purpose. If you are that Taurus, you think freedom is your only choice. However, you only need that feeling of freedom to discover your true desires and goals, once you have them its time to turn yourself upside down and root yourself in your truth. When you do -- the magic you have always had and felt is yours. Remind yourself that you’re in control; you can change your mind, but if you never reach below the surface and pledge your loyalty to someone or something, you keep yourself shallow and undeveloped. Your need to be loved makes it difficult to disappoint others and so you disappoint yourself by breaking your commitments and appearing selfish when the truth is you’re just lost. Look around you, the people who create devoted followers are those who know what they want and don’t care what others think.

There are two Full Moon’s in January, one on the 1st the other on the 31st. January 1st puts the emphasis on your 3rd and 9th houses – your need for adventure and truth. When you get a routine down, there is this deep desire to turn it into chaos. You’re afraid of losing your freedom; you’re afraid that a commitment will take away your choices, but it’s just the opposite -- a commitment will set you free. I’m here to tell you it’s how you manage your routine that determines how you feel – it’s not the routine. If you over-work without a break, without friendship or balance, then you feel smothered. It’s your excessive nature that’s the problem, not the work. I’m sure you would love to add your special talent to the world, but nothing will manifest until you’re ready to follow something to the end. Seek balance in your life; use your routine to work for you not to keep you a prisoner. Listen to your instincts and bring them into play, let them whisper unique solutions to old problems. Unite structure and spontaneity, and instead of working against each other they’ll both become your best friend.  On the 31st there will be a total lunar eclipse in your 4th and 10th houses – family vs. career. What we discover during a lunar eclipse is our shadow, the fact that we are not perfect beings. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your imperfections during this time. This awareness may be triggered through your family or career. Whatever happen, don’t get discouraged; learn from your mistakes and realize that no one is perfect.

Uranus is huddling all month just above your ascendant, creating the need for excitement and change. Even if you don’t give in to this energy you’ll have to cope with things beyond your control. On January 3rd Uranus stations direct. Don’t schedule anything important on that day, chances are whatever you have planned will not turn out the way you expected. Try not to fight the change, it’s going to happen with or without your consent, so use it to your advantage. This is your chance to reposition yourself on your path. Uranus brings new ideas and possibilities. It’s up to you to determine whether or not it will be positive or negative. If you give Uranus a warm embrace and create solid values that you don’t change on a whim, then this shift will enhance your life, especially your career. If you can settle down and pay attention to yourself, you’ll get the recognition and success you desire.

For the first three weeks of the month, Mars is conjunct Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships. Your partner is on fire; he or she feels inspired and hopefully that will inspire you too. If you don’t have a partner then your ideals are motivating you and it’s impossible to sit still. Slow down and focus your energy on your goals. You have access to power now; hopefully you’ll use it wisely. Structure is essential for success, but too much will depress you. Can you find a balance?

The New Moon on the 16th brings six planets together in Capricorn. The obsessive part of your nature is activated and you feel a little neurotic about something – or a lot of things. It won’t last forever; your challenge is to direct it toward your goals. What you need is focus, when you have it you have the magic. Focus centers you and then a problem becomes a possibility. Challenges are never there to stop you, but to make you realize that you can do more than you ever imagined. Even if you can’t see the way forward, if you commit to moving in that direction, your instincts will get you there.

This is the first month of 2018. It’s like all new beginnings we feel a strong desire to change what we don’t like. The problem is always commitment. This is a Taurus issue. So make sure what you vow to do is put in your date book. Then realize a small change can make a big difference. Happy New Year. 


Taurus Horoscope - Linda Joyce