November Horoscope for Scorpio

 (October 23rd - November 21st)


A close relationship in your life needs your support and it’s important that you offer it. Your career is taking off, there are new opportunities coming your way and new ideas to inspire you. All this will increase your net worth. You can be stubborn or unreasonable, toward the end of the month you need to not dig in and say no before you understand the reason behind your decision.

Scorpio rules the power to transform yourself and others. Real and lasting power is not about how much money you make, or what you own, it comes from your ability to inspire and influence others because of who you are and what you believe to be true. When your truth ignites a fire in you, then you have the ability to ignite a fire in others. And that is how the magic is passed on. Acquiring and hording money for power leads to unhappiness. If you never share what you have or use it to make a difference, you will become isolated and cut off from life. Money never fills the gap of unhappiness; it just makes your physical life easier. We gain strength and faith through the struggle. We gain a sense of self when we work toward a goal and overcome great obstacles. It gives us faith in who we are and what we can do and that brings great satisfaction. And this is why Scorpio’s love to work hard and why they are attracted to the difficult challenges. They will never take the easy road. And this makes them strong and prepared to achieve whatever they want in life.

The Full Moon on the 4th brings relationships to the fore. It’s time to put someone else first and take care of their needs, even before your own. You’re coming from a place of strength. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter in your 1st house you have the power and conviction to get done whatever is necessary. However, Scorpio energy can be selfish, they are used to not asking for help and going it alone. This can cut them off from others. It’s important to come out of yourself and see the world through someone else’s eyes. It will expand your perspective and your knowledge. Jupiter will be in your sign for an entire year and it will bring you the added strength or courage you need to accomplish your goals. It is a magnet for opportunity and support. 

With Taurus the ruler of your 7th house of relationships, you are attracted to innocence and love. For yourself you strive to be knowledgeable and wise in the ways of the world, and what you’ve sacrificed to get it, is what attracts you now. Life is tough and those not yet jaded by their experiences brings out the best in you. It’s part of your journey to know the truth and to know it early on. If you’re in a relationship, be prepared for you partner to go through some changes and need your support. And if you’re single, you may find you meet someone unexpectedly. There is something bizarre about the timing and the place.  And that is always the best way.

Mars represent decisive action, and this month it's isolated in the 12th house. After one week it squares Pluto your ruler. You are your own worst enemy. You feel adamant about what you will and won’t do to get things done. The truth is, if you really want results, be more compromising. Pluto is not going to budge – which means someone is opposing your advancement. Or things are just not the way you want them so you refuse to move forward. I’m not sure which is worse. The power of Scorpio comes from its ability to understand others, to be able to connect in a way that brings others to its side. When you’re stubborn nothing moves and nothing gets done. So it’s really up to you – your way, or no way. You’re feeling your oats, you’ve got extra strength with Jupiter by your side and you don’t want to give in to anyone. Not always the wisest of choices.

The Saturn\Uranus trine is a benefit this month. It’s been helping everyone unite the past with new ideas. With Uranus in your house of work you may find that the changes that have been happening are not throwing you off. Communication has been good and it just shows you that when you understand what’s happening and why, you can cope with almost anything. The truth is you have more freedom when it comes to your work and that’s a good thing. You’re a hard worker and now you have to learn how to work smarter and get paid more. This is a good month for you to make important changes when it comes to your finances and your goals. The forces are with you, so go with the flow and allow the universe to bring you the gifts you deserve.

Neptune trine the Sun brings new ideas and goals to your career.  You have been inspired when it comes to your work and this is the month to implement some of your ideas or at least discuss them. If you’re in your own business you’ll reach higher and be better prepared to make more money because you understand what you have to do to achieve your goals. If you work for someone else, you will have insight into what you can really accomplish. You feel passionate about something, and that passion is going to make you more money and get you motivated to advance on your path. Authority is always an issue with you. And you actually hate to work for anyone but yourself. So even if you’re not self-employed, try and position yourself so you don’t answer to others. Whatever your position the stars are with you.  

The New Moon on the 18th happens in your first house. You’re having a new beginning and there are four planets there to give you support: the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter. This is a great gathering of powerful energy to help you accomplish your goals. Do make a wish and see yourself in the future. Try and believe in your dreams, they always begin in our imagination.  



Scorpio Horoscope by Linda Joyce