September Horoscope for Scorpio

 (October 23rd - November 21st)


This month is a dream come true: you can work and play all at the same time. Getting attention won’t be a problem, so if you’re about to launch a product or a new idea now is your moment. Value what you feel, even if others don’t understand. If you do, problems will be resolved.


Scorpios are survivors; they get the job done because their eye is on the goal. No job is too menial or dirty, if it’s necessary. Their ability to embrace the whole project or vision is indicative of their ability to embrace all of themselves. They accept their flaws along with their negatives and have learned that at the right moment even these things can be useful. Bi-polar by nature, they shift from one extreme perspective to another and this helps them see an issue from many points of view. With this ability -- making decisions is not difficult. The magic wand of a Scorpio is their passion: sexual, spiritual and emotional. Add passion to anything and you have the power to transform whatever you touch.

Friends bring opportunity, support and financial reward. The Full Moon in the 11th and 5th houses activates friends and pleasure  -- they’re available for work and play. The 5th house brings a love affair, one that keeps you interested and chasing the dream. With the Sun shinning in your house of friends -- you’re happy. You don’t take friendships or loyalty for granted. It takes time for anyone to enter your inner circle. That’s reserved for those who have gained your confidence. Once you trust someone, you welcome their input, especially when they disagree. Being challenged makes you stronger.

You have a global consciousness and this month the spotlight is on you. Don’t waste time taking a bow, there’s work to be done. This is a fleeting moment and you want to use it wisely. If you’re clear on what you want, and prepared you’ll get it. Don’t leave your passion at the door, it’s what leaves an impression and makes you unforgettable. That’s the key to a Scorpio’s success -- the intensity of their beliefs. So this is a time to be heard. If you’re in an office ask for a new position or a raise. Get some business colleagues together and brainstorm, you’d be surprised what inspired conversation can reveal. Whatever action you take now gets a result, so don’t sit back and watch Netflix, unless you’re in the movie business and its part of your job.

Your love of a challenge is fulfilled this month with Uranus is in your 6th house of work and health. This planet constantly creates change and so keeping your schedule in order and yourself focused has been a challenge. It may take until next year to feel as if things are really in place. The good news is the great protector, Jupiter is in your 12th house and you’re getting an extra guardian angel. The added protection is there to save you from those difficult moments you seem to gravitate toward. Jupiter also provides an extra shot of confidence, and it’s ability to persevere will help bring home the prize. The trine from Uranus to Mercury and Mars only adds to your good results. Mercury rules communication and you are either the best or the worst when it comes to expressing yourself. Your choices are silence or inspiration. When you have a message concerning something greater than yourself everyone listens. What you hate is nonsense; things have to have depth or a philosophical message to get your interest. One last word of caution, Mars Uranus interaction can lead to arguments and discord. Both parties will have very little patience and things can be said that are later regretted. The trine softens the blow, but proceed with caution or you’ll waste your energy correcting your mistakes instead of achieving your goals.  

Your instincts are always strong, but this month they’re over the top. Pay attention to your gut. If you need an answer, ask the universe and be prepared to receive a message from the gods. You’re a channel, if you want to use it. Where do you think that stream of inspiration comes from, the one that sets you on fire. To access your magic wand, focus on your higher mission, not just financial reward. You’re entitled to have both, success in the world and in the cosmos. However, as a channel you have to be open to receive from the other side. If you’ve shut that part of you off, you’ve also shut down the magic. Without the ability to listen to your gut, you’ll be a follower not a leader..

Love and sex is often the same thing for a Scorpio, and you are not happy unless you have them both in excess. If you’re single, this is not the month to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Venus, the planet of love, and the ruler of your 7th house of relationships is isolated and alone. However, since Venus is at the top of your chart in Leo, you will be socializing and having fun – just not intimate fun. There are parties and people to meet, so you won’t be sitting home twiddling your thumbs. If you’re in a relationship, then this is the time to join your forces to advance your goals. Socialize for business and you’ll seal the deal. Scorpio’s value a partner that can help them in everything they do especially business.

Saturn is often looked upon as evil, but it’s really your best friend. You know the friend that tells you there’s something green between your teeth and the dress you’re wearing makes you look fat. You don’t want to hear it, but you know they’re right. Saturn adds reality to your illusions. This month around the Full Moon, you may feel despondent because someone has stepped on your dreams. It won’t last long; it’s a quick reality check. Use your skills and pluck whatever truth you want from the whole picture, then move on. With Saturn trine Uranus, problems get solved quickly. So keep your spirits high and enjoy the attention you’re certainly going to receive.

All in all this is a month that rejuvenates your spirit and helps you keep faith. You’re going to need to rely on yourself for a short time, but you do have help from above. Problems magically disappear. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to solve them. When you do, you get answers and a greater understanding of how the universe works.


Scorpio Horoscope by Linda Joyce