September Horoscope for Sagittarius

(November 22nd – December 21st


Positive changes in career and goals are happening. Don’t be afraid to embrace them. Finances continue to cause concern, but that’s mostly because you feel insecure. You’re looking for an adventure, but that’s only a quick fix. There are ways to silence the beast and the first is clarity as to what you really want.    


Sagittarians are seekers and philosophers; they wander the world looking for answers to their destiny and existence. They were born feeling they have a destiny, a place to be and it’s so frustrating not to know where that is. Your travels will help you discover yourself and find the niche you’ve been looking for. American mythologist Joseph Campbell called it “Following your bliss.” It’s all about listening to your gut, not the logic of the masses. You’re unique and you need a specific environment to develop your talents and to shine. Don’t try and fit in, relocate when you know exactly what you need to blossom. 

The Full Moon on September 6th is happening in your 10th and 4th house of career and home. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, with Neptune in your 4th house conjunct the Moon, you feel lonely and lost. This is not a new feeling; it’s something you’ve lived with and camouflaged with adventures and excitement. You’re the worst at living a fake life on Instagram, posting photos of enjoying the luxuries everyone covets, but this doesn’t feed your soul. The ego of Sadge yearns for more than just attention; its nourishment is truth and justice or a great idea that inspires its spirit. With Mars strong this month, you’ll take action and get good results. This is your time to make an impact. The trine to Mercury and Mars from Uranus brings you much needed excitement and surprises. If you’re looking for new clients or work you’ll get them – or at least a connection that could lead to the next step. Nothing is nailed down with Uranus conjunct your 6th house of work. Things may be stable one minute then change the next. The unexpected can work too. If you’re a free lancer you may negotiate more time for the same money by getting rid of outdated rules. If you work for a company and they’re making changes, adjust and accept what you can’t change.

Saturn, the planet of reality is squaring Mars – be prepared to have your authority challenged. You’re projecting insecurity, probably because you’re worried about money. Saturn rules your 2nd house of finance and it has been squaring Neptune for a while. If your self-worth is based on your bank account, then you can only feel good when things are going well. The key to happiness is being able to enjoy the blessings of life in good times and bad. Money is never the solution, only a quick fix. Sadge’s are the philosophers of the universe, they need to understand, to push the boundaries of life and see a greater truth or they’re not happy. Your soul looks for the impossible, whether it’s in a relationship or your work. It’s the quest for a greater truth that inspires your soul and quiets the demons that live within. If you’re not on a steady diet of any of the above, then you probably feel you’re on empty. It’s like being thirsty and someone offers you a hamburger. It may be a great hamburger, but it’s not what you need. The good news is you can have both. With Pluto in your 2nd house of finances you can find a way to increase your earnings; financial security is possible. A trine from the sun helps bring in the gold, whether it’s through a new idea, a friendship or your hard work, it’s happening.  Pluto is a powerful planet. It digs deep and brings information that is hidden below the surface. New insight and knowledge make the difference. There’s a domino affect here; life sifts as old beliefs are replaced by new ideas.

Love is on hold – if you’re single. Unless your personal chart contradicts this message, Venus is isolated and romance remains just beyond your reach. It doesn’t mean you can’t dream or be at the center of attention. What’s missing is intimacy. Unlike some of the other signs, this probably won’t bother you. You’re a loner by nature and as long as you’re doing what you love and intellectually stimulated you’re happy. However, if you’re in a relationship, then you may find yourself so busy one or both of you are unable to give each other what you need. Have patience; things will change.  

The Jupiter opposition to Uranus makes you realize how much you enjoy your independence. As Socrates said “Know thyself.” And he was right especially when it comes to a Sadge. The quest for self-knowledge keeps you living in divine discontent. Make it your friend. You’ll never have all the answers and if you did life would be boring. So accept the restlessness within yourself and learn something new every day. It’s not that you’re not happy, you’re just human and what you know will never be enough. The Saturn square to the Sun is really a challenge to your beliefs and a call for you to break free and shine. The Sun in the 10th house gives you the stage, but you have to own it. What do you believe in? What do you want from life? If you haven’t questioned yourself or reevaluated your choices then you’re living in the same consciousness you had as a child. It’s time to cast off old limits and wounds and own your power. It’s time to give birth to a new you.

All in all this is a good month for both your ego and your soul. You will get attention, be validated and appreciated. When your spirit is challenged you’re happy. Figure out what really turns you on. Don’t accept the same triggers as everyone else. You’re unique and you have something special to offer the world. This month will bring you closer to that goal. 

Sagittarius Horoscope by Linda Joyce