October Horoscope for Sagittarius

(November 22nd – December 21st


This month you need to have faith to make things happen. If you can be in the moment without knowing where it’s taking you, you’re going to find that you are given some very creative and amazing solutions. Relationships are challenging and there’s nothing you can do except listen and be supportive.

You’re a seeker, a person who pursues the truth through new experiences, travel and adventure. Your mind is sharp and you’re meant to challenge the boundaries of life; your mission is to do what has not been done before. As a mutable sign there is nothing static about Sagittarius. They are on a quest for greater consciousness, for the ability to see the truth in illusions and lies. Every time you learn something new, it alters your vision of yourself and what you want. And why not, the world you see is created by your perception. So when you want to change the world, challenge your limitations and your negative thoughts. Allow the positive energy of Sagittarius to teach you that what you imagine you can manifest. So don’t limit your imagination, it’s an important building block to your future.

The Full Moon occurs in your 6th and 12th house, your health, sense of service and the unknown. This is where divine discontent demands we pay attention and all too many souls begin to blame everyone and everything but themselves for what’s missing in their lives. If you want things to change you have to own where you are, even if it seems you had no choice in getting there. Take the power back by accepting what is and move forward from there. What is required is self-discipline and commitment. Focus on the goal and don’t let nonsense get in the way. You’re the sign of the bigger picture, and that is the reason you can keep going when others get lost along the way.

Relationships can be an issue this month if you’re looking for attention and understanding. Mercury, the ruler of your 7th house of partnerships is isolated for the first two weeks. They’re going through their own issues and don’t have much to give. Mid-month Mercury squares Pluto and makes a sextile to Mars, so although they are more present, they’re in a battle and you’re on your own. When you know these things ahead of time you can keep your expectations at a minimum. If you’re single, it’s going to be difficult to hook up with anyone, even for a good time. The stars are just not aligned for that kind of experience. Now of course your own chart could contradict everything I have just said, so never be totally discouraged when I’m not telling you what you want to hear. Each of us has our own destiny and that overrides all generalizations that we use when we write for the pubic.   

Unfortunately, the planet that rules your relationships also rules your house of career. Not much is happening in that department either. The first week something is ending, either a project you’ve been working on or perhaps your boss is finishing out his or her last week on the job. By midmonth things get challenging. That’s when Mercury squares Pluto and someone is in the way of whatever you want to do. The sextile to Mars can be helpful. A person of authority can help you go around the problem and get things done. If you’re not in a hurry, let it all go and ride the wave of change. If there’s a deadline and you have to act now, know there’s always a way around a problem if you stop and think things through.

Sagittarians are very idealistic or should I say, positive thinkers. They believe the impossible is possible and so they can often get things accomplished that others have given up on. The balanced Sadge brings truth to the moment, not fantasy – that’s the only way to get something accomplished. However, the key to their success is their acceptance of the unknown, they are comfortable with not having the answer – instead they commit to finding an original solution. This month faith is strong. It comes from from Neptune in trine to the Sun. With this aspect you’re not going to have the answers without digging deep within yourself to find them. When you haven’t figured things out or made a definite decision then you’re open to new and better ideas. The need to be certain is the death of creativity. Keep the door open and allow the universe to show you a better way. Very few people have the courage to do this. However, with Neptune strong, remaining in the unknown is where genius lies, original answers and groundbreaking ideas. So get used to searching for your solutions instead of accepting what everyone else has always done.  

The ability to communicate this month is strong and your way to overcome opposition. It’s a talent that has gotten you through many an obstacle. With Saturn trine Uranus, you have the ability to bring things together that don’t seem to be related. Your mind knows how to bypass the noise and get to the essence of a person or a problem. Add faith that you can come up with a solution and you have a winning formula. Uranus rules communication and Saturn is in charge of your finances, so don’t be surprised if you discover some new and creative ways to improve your bank account. Sometimes a simple new idea can change the whole picture.

The New Moon on the 18th occurs in your 12th house of the unknown. Once again you’re being asked to operate on faith and not on certainty. It’s actually your best quality. So don’t be afraid of executing it. With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter together there is a lot of power centered on things just outside your reach. They all make a trine to Pluto so this is a very positive time to make things happen, to plant seeds for the future, and to actually get things done. So embrace it and you’ll find that the magic lies in these moments of non-definition, when our past doesn’t shape our future and when that happens anything is possible.


Sagittarius Horoscope by Linda Joyce