November Horoscope for Leo

 (July 23rd  – August 22nd)


Now is the time to take a risk, the stars are with you. This month you have more power than usual – others will step back and take notice. If you embrace it, you will adjust the trajectory of your career. Relationships are changing, you’re looking for someone more conservative than in the past..

Leos know how to use their strength to shield them from the world. Their ego, when it’s not in charge, becomes an effective barrier between others and their insecurities. The key to power is “know thyself.” The world is not a safe place, so you need to be prepared before you venture out on your own. The danger for a Leo is to disconnect from their sensitivity, which is also their creativity. Strength is what society loves, but the richness of one’s life lies in the flaws, mistakes and wrong turns of life.  In these moments we connect to a deeper part of who we are.  

The Full Moon on the 4th brings you recognition, a Leo dream. It could happen in many ways, perhaps a project you’re working on gets attention, or you’re asked to speak at a group gathering. It could be as simple as being in the right place at the right time. No matter how big or small the attention, it’s there to validate and strengthen your confidence when it comes to work and goals. The Full Moon always creates a crisis, and for you it will be the balance between work and your personal life. How can you compete with others at work without giving everything you have? However, it can be done, but it requires boundaries and the ability to say “no.” Boundaries are essential to a balanced life. Give yourself some distance from your work and the bigger picture will reveal things you didn’t see before. However, this requires self-discipline. If you are living an all or nothing life, then chances are your relationships are suffering. When you have a good personal life, it improves your professional one. Work is not enough to give you a sense of fulfillment. So make an effort to keep both sides of yourself in working condition. If you ignore your relationship for too long, it might not be there for you when you have the time. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to communicate through action and words, what others mean to you. Get your attention off the goal for just a moment and you’ll see what needs to be done.

In spite of the tug of war between work and home, your career should do well this month. The Full Moon will show you what is working and what isn’t, but it’s Uranus conjunct the 10th house cusp that is shaking things up. You may be considering a partnership in whatever you do. If not, what’s on your plate is change. Don’t panic, it’s for the best. If you work for a corporation then perhaps you have a new boss. If not, then you may be taking your goals in a new direction. Or if you’re really unhappy you could look for a new job. When Uranus actually enters Taurus next May, whatever has been an idea will suddenly be a reality. So don’t fight the evolution, embrace it and it will take you to where you need to go.

Transformation is not something that can be negotiated – it happens when you allow your personal growth to take you to a new place. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Neptune making a trine to Neptune, you finally have the power to rearrange your life without fear. Idealism is strong, but so is reality, and that’s the combination for success. It’s no longer possible to ignore your true nature. When someone wants to limit you, you feel like pushing back. You can even get angry. Don’t create problems, but don’t avoid them either. Genius is never afraid of risk; it steps out of the box and challenges the status quo. When you’re not afraid to put yourself on the edge for the right reason, you keep learning and growing. Jupiter conjunct the sun is strength, perseverance and power. If you are inspired by an idea, if you are ready to make a shift in your life, then now is the time to take that leap of faith. You have what you need to make things happen. When you can conjure up your confidence and let go of the results, then you’re ready to find your path in life and fulfill your destiny.

Relationships are a part of the changes this month. If you’re in a relationship, then you may find that your partner has been growing and now those new facets of his or her personality have become a part of your relationship. This could annoy you if you’re stuck in what was, but the truth is everyone needs to grow. Instead of being upset, find new ways of connecting. This will force you to grow and in the long run, you’ll be a better person because of it.  We all seek comfort, but too much routine actually stops one from evolving. So whatever is happening is a gift not a curse. If it’s not obvious do some soul searching. If you’re single, then what’s changed is what attracts you. In the past you may have been attracted to relationships that break the rules, to odd balls who amuse you but don’t necessarily connect to you. Now you find that a more conservative partner is appealing. You won’t have to look far, this person is in your environment. This person is unique, but they also fit into the world around them. This relationship may or may not last, but it will affect you and how you see yourself.

The New Moon occurs on the 18th in your 4th house of the home. This is a time to relook at what makes you feel safe and secure. With Scorpio ruling your 4th house, safety was not always a guarantee in your home. You’re a survivor. You’ve learned how to take care of yourself. With Jupiter and Venus also in Scorpio this month, you feel both strong and vulnerable. You may find that some of your childhood insecurities reemerge and it gives you an opportunity to look at them and put them to rest. You’re no longer a child; you’re old and strong enough to get rid of the past. When you do, you invite in the new.

Don’t be surprised if you find your beliefs challenged.  Your mission is to learn how to be you even when your environment is different. So make your home that place inside, not in a physical structure. When your home is within you, you are safe wherever you are. As Buddha said, “Wherever you go, there you are.” You’re never going to escape yourself, so embrace it and make it work for you in all sorts of ways. This is what makes you strong and invincible. 


Leo Horoscope by Linda Joyce