September Horoscope for Leo

 (July 23rd  – August 22nd)


The focus is on finance and feeling more aligned with your destiny. It’s time to look at how you spend, save and invest your money. As a Leo you can have a great time on a dime, so plug the gaps and give yourself some support you need now – that is if you want to conquer the world.


Leo’s have “First Son” karma. They are often expected to follow a path laid out by family, tradition and society. This works well if they don’t have a passion of their own. To break free of expectations formed over generations means they may be rejected if they refuse to follow tradition. Of course most scenarios are not so dramatic. The average Leo learns early that if they want to follow their heart, they may have to go it alone. It’s important for a soul that wants to evolve and leave their mark, to follow their own path. On their own they’re free to make mistakes and they only have to answer to themselves. Without expectations, there is no one to disappoint -- only the path ahead to conquer. Their strength is pure and not depleted by outside pressure. Is it any wonder that this sign represents strength, honor and leadership? In tribal societies, a boy didn’t have a choice. He was sent out into the wilderness and he had to survive with just his knowledge and skills for weeks or even months. When he returned, if he did, he had confidence and self-worth that was earned and the respect of his community.   

With the full Moon in Virgo on September 6th, values will be tested. The Sun resides in your 2nd house of money and with the opposition to the Moon and Neptune – the battle is with yourself. You may have avoided your emotional needs on your path to success, but now you’ve got to look at what you really want and where you’re going. If you still believe that money will make you happy, then you’ve just begun your journey. Once you’re on that path of emotional deprivation you’ll see that there were other choices. It’s possible to work hard and have a good relationship, if you have the right partner. But why not slow down and enjoy the journey. The question to ask yourself is how much of your life are you in charge of? Not an easy question to answer. The mask you wear keeps your secrets safe from everyone, but yourself. It only protects -- it doesn’t fulfill.

Finance is a focus and a distraction for now. You’ll want to make some changes in your investments. You may begin to think about how to save your money or use it more wisely. Instincts are strong, so pay attention. With Saturn squaring the Neptune Moon conjunction, deception is possible. Invest in what you know and whom you know. Don’t go too far beyond your own knowledge; don’t trust without proof.

Venus is in your sign, but the aspects don’t promote love, just excitement. If you’re already in a relationship you may feel the need to connect and spend some alone time together. Isolation can help you go deeper and improve the relationship. However, if you’re single, then this is not the month to meet someone, or if you do, it may seem like an instant attraction, but once Saturn enters the picture around the 11th things slow down. Patience is necessary. Never forget that love is important to you, so make sure you don’t ignore it for success. If you stay cut off from your feelings for too long, you won’t know how to open your heart even when you meet the right person.

Hard work has never bothered you; it’s your way of standing out from the crowd. Your self-discipline and commitment to the job certainly gives you an advantage. Pluto is occupying your sixth house of work, and is in trine to the Sun. This is your moment to shine. Don’t be surprised if you receive an honor, a bonus or a raise. Your ability to attract attention from the top or from your colleagues is a reward long overdue. 

For the last six years Uranus has been in your 9th house of higher education, beliefs, religion or legal matters. During this time you have had a lot of “aha” moments that have gradually shifted your view of yourself and the world. Your beliefs affect your success more than you realize. When they’re well defined, they give you a sense of clarity and power. Remember, what you deem important is where you put your focus and what shapes your beliefs. The first week of September you’re on fast-forward so you get a lot done. Uranus in trine to Mercury and Mars creates a need to take action. When you think differently, you act differently. So if you find yourself walking down a new path, don’t be surprised -- you’ve been changing for a while.

Like your fellow fire sign Aries, you struggle with emotional independence. The difference is you want to fit in and the most obvious solution is to repress what makes you unique. The opposition of Jupiter to Uranus may encourage you to embrace some of the oddities of your existence. You’ll feel the desire to express your differences now, even if it creates a problem. No more hiding.

You may be wondering what makes you feel differently about yourself. Well, you’re getting empowered from within – by being more in alignment to your true nature. Neptune is the catalyst of change. It has been in your sign since 2011 and it won’t leave until 2025. It has a soft, persistent power that dissolves old structures slowly leaving you feeling different and more connected to yourself.

The Sun in Virgo this month has a practical approach to life, inspiration is not leading the way, an inner yearning is. It’s important to pay attention to the lay of the land and know where the potential problems lie, then they can be removed before they’re in your face. See the road ahead but listen to your instinct, it’s strong and it knows what you can’t see. Honor both your inner and outer world and you’ll find that happiness is no longer a challenge. 

Leo Horoscope by Linda Joyce