September Horoscope for Gemini

 (May 21st  - June 20th)


This month is about you, going deeper and questioning what it is that makes you happy. Stop solving the problems of others and focus on your own dreams. Enjoy the freedom that is offered and know it comes with change. Use the conflict at home or work to help you understand how you resist being the center of your world.  


The gift of Gemini is their ability to play. They know how to turn everything into a game. They will play with what you hold dear, and find a way to juggle life’s truths, demands and ideals until your head spins. Through play they become familiar with ideas, people and places; when you understand someone or something you know their usefulness as well as their weaknesses and that’s the key to survival. Able to adapt on the spot, their gift is taking anything and making it their own: a recipe, a friendship, an adventure – they’ll change their plans when something more interesting presents itself. Their quest is for information: experience will teach them what is important and what needs to go. Once they’ve developed their sixth sense, they’re ready to conquer the road to success. 

The Full Moon is stirring up home and career, your 4th and 10th houses. It’s time to revisit your life\work balance. Are you doing the work you love, are you spending time with your family, or are you just exhausted and unable to enjoy any of the above. The challenge brought on by the Full Moon will help you step back and make changes. It’s a shame that we need a problem to make us reflect on our happiness. In spite of your love for variety, many Gemini’s are afraid of change -- they don’t have control. Let me make you feel better – you’re not in control anyway, so you might as well take a risk for the right reason. With Neptune conjunct the Moon in the 10th house of your career, you have to pay attention to the path you’re on and ask yourself if you’re doing the job you love. If the answer is no, then begin the process of reaching out and exploring your options. Never get defeated because there are tough times or because others tell you what you want is hopeless. When you ask the universe for help, it responds and surprises happen. Be open to miracles and you’ll create one. If fear is leading the way, then you’ll stay stuck. People who move forward in dire times are creative and that’s you.

This month Pluto is your friend, it’s making a trine to the Sun and it gives you confidence, courage and power. Your 8th house is the place of other people’s resources. The good news is you can get help, whether it’s support, a loan or an investment. Pluto will also, without your permission, show you something about yourself that in the past you didn’t want to know. Remember, truth is freedom and its also opportunity. When you’re living your truth you don’t have to work to keep up the lie. There’s a gift in all this and it has to do with your schedule – it gets streamlined. What will be redefined are your priorities. It’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve you and to make room for the new. 

There’s always a problem to be faced and Saturn loves the job. This month Saturn squares your 7th house of relationships. Don’t get frazzled if your partner (business or personal) is upset, they’re full of worry and anxiety and that makes them critical. When they point out what’s wrong, they feel more in control. Your tolerance level is low, so you could easily say something you’d regret – better to just remove yourself and let them deal with their own emotions.

Neptune is an energy we all have trouble using properly. This month Neptune opposes the Sun. It will up your expectations and motivate you to manifest your dreams. The challenge of an idealist is to accept the flaws of reality. I know it’s so much more enjoyable to lose yourself in an illusion than the possibility of disappointment. When you get tense and take an imaginary walk on a Caribbean beach, then it becomes your escape bubble – but that’s all it will be. Instead, use your vision and work to own your own home on the beach, then you’ll have something real and lasting. Sure it was work and it required some sacrifices, but now you have a reward that you’ve earned. And when you’re not using it, you can rent it out on Airbnb. Flaws are really gifts, if you look at them properly. It’s the universe offering you opportunity. If everything was perfect there would be no room for new ideas. When something is missing, you get to change it; you get to create something better through your vision. Embrace life as an exciting journey and it will become just that.   

More good news; Uranus will spice up your life, by bringing you some surprises. It’s trine to Mercury and Mars gets things going. Get ready for new and inspiring ideas along with the energy to put them into action. Your mind will feel free and it’s a great feeling. The only thing that will slow you down is the need to alter your course. The surprise came with new information and now you have the dilemma of choice. Do you proceed and do things for comfort sake, even though they’re wrong, or do you make changes because it’s the only way to achieve your goals.

Jupiter is the sign of expansion and abundance so when it’s happy so are the receivers of its energy. The opposition to Uranus enhances your sense of independence and that fits in with this months take on love. I’m sorry to say Venus is isolated, so romance may not happen. If you’re single, don’t count on meeting someone. However, your personal chart can trump what I’m saying.. What needs to happen is time for self-discovery. You seldom slow down and listen to your instincts or reflect on how you feel. The more you know yourself, the easier it is to meet someone that will make you happy. If you’re not single, if you’re in a committed relationship then give each other some space. Then take an inner journey: sign up for mediation classes or just sit outside and look up at the stars. Expose yourself to the vastness of the universe and you will learn about yourself in spite of your resistance. 

This month offers you a little of everything – that’s definitely Gemini style. Your boundaries should improve this month giving you a greater sense of freedom and power. Enjoy what you have and don’t worry about the rest. One thing is certain; nothing stays the same. Extract the most from any moment and you’ll have a happy month and a happy life

Gemini Horoscope by Linda Joyce