September Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd  – January 19th)


You’re about to make an important decision. Be clear and absolute about what you want and you’ll get it. Finances are great and so is opportunity, so meet the challenges that are waiting for you; at least now you know you’re on the right track.     


Your sign sits at the top of the chart, the place of recognition and power. Capricorns want to call the shots and care less about the spotlight than they do about being in charge. In fact, they’re shy when it comes to taking a bow. Don’t let their tamed ego deceive you; they still want the control, but prefer it from behind the scenes. Pluto entered your sign in 2008 and it either propelled you forward to accomplish your dreams or it sent you back to gain strength through the struggle. You’re not an easy sign to master, but any rewards you gain through effort are long lasting. What is important to a Capricorn is reputation. If you have a good one, you’ll survive in both good times and bad, and if don’t, then being successful will eventually become a challenge. Remember to be fair and tough, but above all be just. And reach out to your community when you can. The last few signs of the zodiac are not just about the individual; they’re about what they give back to the world. 

The full Moon on September 6th highlights your 9th and 3rd houses. It all boils down to making an important decision or signing an agreement. With Neptune conjunct the Moon in Pisces in the house of communication, you will have to be very black and white if you don’t want chaos or mayhem. Any leeway or gray will be taken advantage of. The dictator in you needs to come forth for the right reason. If you hesitate, others will see it as weakness and you could lose an opportunity. If you’re clear and strong, they’ll respect you and you’ll get what you want. Saturn, your ruler, is playing a part in this drama. It’s squaring the Sun and the Moon\Neptune conjunction. There’s opposition from someone, but that can be resolved. If you have the credentials or the power don’t be afraid to use them both now. If you do, all will go well.

Whatever you need this month is available. Pluto in trine to the Sun makes you feel both successful and confident about what lies ahead. There is nothing like confidence to help you succeed. Listen to your instincts, they’re always strong and when you pay attention, problems disappear. In fact with Pluto at the mid-point of your sign you have the power to influence others.  You’re a role model, even if you don’t know it. Others look up to you and a kind word or recognition from someone they admire goes a long way. The last few signs of the zodiac are all about success and giving back. This builds positive feelings and you’ll have the support you need when you need it.

There’s more good news. You’re going to make money. There’s a surprise project or opportunity that is coming your way. The messenger is Uranus, so it’s unplanned. If you don’t have a business, you may get a stock tip, or a chance to invest in something that is too good to pass up.  You could also be the recipient of an inheritance, hopefully not from someone too close. It’s an unexpected gift or opportunity. Don’t question why, just say thank you. You were meant to have this. Uranus is in opposition to Jupiter in your 10th house of career. It’s been helping you attract opportunity and feel independent. Of course you project an aura of success and your past record assures others you will get the job done. The only precaution is to not expand too quickly. Remember, the slow and steady pace of the mountain goat represents your sign. Their ability to climb the difficult and dangerous paths to the top requires the ability to keep their balance with every sure step they take. When you do it their way, it doesn’t matter how dangerous your terrain, you’ll get to your goal in one piece.

Love is the way you like it this month -- romantic and unrealistic. With Neptune conjunct the ruler of your 7th house of relationships, reality doesn’t matter. If you’re in a committed relationship then perhaps your partner is away, or just unavailable due to circumstances. It happens all the time. Then you can plan for his or her return and create something wonderful to share together. Fantasy can be fun and rewarding, if it doesn’t last too long. So enjoy. If you’re single it is not a great month to meet someone, but you could fall in love from the distance. You can be shy, and that will just feed into the energy now. If you want something -- go after it. What’s the worse thing that could happen, he or she may turn you down. In the days before apps, men had to find the courage to call a girl up and ask her out. It was difficult, but it helped them develop emotionally. If you don’t take emotional risks you’ll remain a prisoner of your fears and desires.

The New Moon on the 20th in your 9th house means you’re ready for change and new ideas. You know that to stay the same means you’re limiting your success, besides you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. You’re ready to move forward in a big way. Taking this step is not easy. It’s a lot for the sign of routine and repetition to make a change voluntarily. However, the top of the mountain is within your reach. That’s when the whole journey begins again.

All in all, you will get passed this month ahead of the game. You love a challenge, so meet it with style. If you’re a shy Capricorn, then you’ve got to learn to come out of your shell. One way is to have an adventure, one that exposes you to the unknown. Put yourself in a situation that you can’t control, where you have to talk to strangers, open up and discover who you are and you will blossom. Capricorn is about being free within you. It doesn’t matter what the world offers. If you know who you are and what you want, then all you need is the courage to take a leap of faith. 

Capricorn - Horoscope - Linda Joyce