January Horoscope for Capricorn

(December 22nd  – January 19th)

There’s a battle going on; one part wants everything to stay the same, the other part knows its time to change. With Saturn in your sign since December 20, 2017 change wins. You’re restructuring yourself and your work from the bottom up. This needs to happen if you’re going to achieve your goals and more. Embrace the process and enjoy the ride.  

Capricorns are often misunderstood. Their mission is to be comfortable with their inner and outer worlds, their emotional vulnerabilities and their ambitions, not an easy challenge for any soul. When they rise above it all they find a way to encase their versatile personalities in a stable and strong personality that makes them unique and powerful. The truth is, we all have something special to offer, but we have to recognize it first and then find the courage to offer it to the world. If you believe in you, others will too. So don’t be surprised if your Capricorn seems like more than one person. The different facets of their personality are what make them interesting storytellers as well as resourceful in moments of crisis. When you’re with a Capricorn, you have it all.

There are two Full Moons in January. On the 1st  the emphasis is on your 1st and 7th houses – you vs. others. How do you handle the simultaneous desire to be both selfish and selfless? It all comes down to experience and discernment. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to understand others and the wiser you get when it comes to making decisions. A Capricorns love of adventure helps it learn early on where its strengths and weaknesses lie. They love being in the unknown, because that’s where instincts rule. When they can’t control anyone or anything they feel free and alive. For the month of January you need to pay attention to your dreams and goals and make sure what you’ve chosen to pursue comes from your heart. Too many children pick up the fallen dreams of their parents hoping to make them happy. Sometimes it works but all too often it prevents the soul from listening to its own heart. It’s all about balance. Help others help themselves, and don’t forget to listen to your own inner voice, it has all the answers to your questions.The Full Moon on January 31st sets off your 8th and 2nd h houses – values vs. finances. This will be a total lunar eclipse. What you discover during a lunar eclipse is your shadow, the fact that you are not a perfect being. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your flaws because you are asked to do something you know you shouldn’t or one of your investments brings a hidden emotion to light. Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged, learn from your mistakes and realize that no one is perfect.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, moved into its own sign last month and now it’s home -- after journeying around your chart for twenty-nine years. Saturn in Capricorn is strong and its mission is to improve your health, goals, and the structure of your life.  What most people need for success is a good foundation. Saturn’s mission is to point out what doesn’t work so you can fix it. If you ignore the problem you will regret it later when it evolves into a full-blown crisis. This is your time to make adjustments and get rid of waste and inefficiency. Demands will be placed on you and if you can rise to meet the moment you’ll come out way ahead. It’s time to streamline your life. So listen to what Saturn reveals over the next two and a half years. If you do, when it leaves, you’ll be prepared for whatever life has to offer. Saturn’s most negative quality is its critical nature. So make sure you find a way to balance it with a positive attitude and the ability to validate what you’ve done right. Remember, balance is the key. And one more thing, Saturn rules your hair, skin and bones. This would be a good time to take care of these things and make sure they are healthy and strong.

With Pluto conjunct the Sun for most of the month a power struggle may ensue within you. The battle is to hold on or let go, to keep your routine or accept the change that is imposing itself into your life. If you refuse to acknowledge it, you could project it onto others and end up in a battle that goes nowhere. If you don’t yield, you’ll feel stuck and nothing will move. With Uranus in square to the Sun and Pluto -- change will eventually win. When nothing moves you see the necessity of what is being denied and hopefully you begin to make adjustments. Capricorns love their routine. It gives them a pattern that creates a feeling of being in control. Unfortunately, the disruptive influence of Uranus will be around until the middle of May. So step back and reevaluate your beliefs and open yourself up to doing things differently. Whatever worked in the past may not be efficient now. And do look at your finances. With Uranus, the ruler of you money house, you may find that how you save, invest or use your money needs to be reevaluated. Saturn will show you the way.  

Your energy level may rise to an all time high. Give thanks to the Mars \ Jupiter conjunction. It provides the energy and strength you need to open up and tackle the challenges on your path. The trine to Neptune enhances your ideals and gives you the confidence to reach for more. This is your time to make an impact and accomplish your goals. You have always had a unique vision of the world and now your discerning eye will bring you to an “aha” moment. When you get it -- go for it. The path is clear and success is waiting for you.

This month is a busy one, but home and family will also be important. Every Capricorn needs love and nourishment to flourish. They seem so tough and strong but that strength comes from their heart. So take care of yourself and the love you feel for others. Have a Happy New Year.  



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