September Horoscope for Cancer

(June 21st  – July 22nd )


Change that brings success is on its way; don’t resist, but do speak up and share your vision with others – they need to know where you’re going if you want their support. Silence is not good when you want others to support you. Responsibilities will increase, but they’re mostly a backlog of overlooked work. Get things done and you’ll have your reward.     


Cancers appear sensitive and vulnerable, but don’t be fooled by their low-key style, they happen to be one of the strongest signs in the zodiac. Their strength is overlooked, because they want it that way. They choose to be quiet about their power – they get it through positioning and patience, not by going to war. Cancers don’t waste their time on useless battles, if you have self-discipline, you can wait for that moment when the door is unguarded and all you have to do is walk through.

Whether you’re a Cancer that expresses its feelings through your profession or a creative project or you hold things in, your mission is the same. You need to honor the parts of you that make you different. You know those odds and ends of your personality that haven’t received approval. How will you integrate them into your personality? It takes courage for starters, because to expose them means risking criticism. Just know that what makes you different is also the key to your genius.

The Full Moon on September 6th activates your 3rd and 9th houses: siblings, communication and your beliefs. You can’t remain aloof; you’ll have to stand up for what you want. Remember, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. If it’s a sibling that’s giving you a problem, just set your boundaries and state how you feel. You can’t change others, but they do need to know where you draw the line. Extra strength is given to you this month with Pluto in trine to the Sun. Pluto enhances your sense of power and authority, so use it to put your world in order. 

Emotions have power if you use them properly. With Neptune conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun, you know what’s missing in your emotional life -– now do something about it. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, that just makes you a victim. Ignoring an issue only empowers it. Put it on the table even if you don’t have an answer. Once something is exposed, it tends to find its own resolution. You are in charge of your life. If you’re not happy- do something about it. Step out of your comfort zone; it’s the only way to grow. It’s a process you need to understand. You may feel alone for a moment, but then you’ll feel empowered.

The most challenging aspect to the Sun is Saturn; it makes a square from your 6th house of work. Responsibility, whose is it, how do you handle it, is now in question. Get your work done before you help others out, or you’ll face a backlog of things to do when you don’t have any time. Take the reigns and get things done and don’t complain. When you do, no one sees your effort as a sacrifice or a gift – you’ve just become annoying. 

A little independence makes you feel stronger. The Uranus Jupiter opposition from the 4th to the 10th (home vs. career) will keep you focused at home and in the office. Change is happening in the work place and you’re resisting it. Have you put on the breaks because you can’t stand to lose the control or you just hate moving out of your comfort zone? It doesn’t matter, change is happening with or without your consent. It’s easy to make enemies during the process. If you’re the boss and change is being imposed upon you, the advice is the same – go with the flow. You need to be more aligned with the times.

Uranus in trine to Mars and Mercury will show you how change can be fun. First of all, it brings a few surprises. The unexpected may come through friends that help you network as well as make you money. If you don’t know your next step, just have faith and ask the universe for help. This is a magical aspect and if you play with it, it will play with you. If an opportunity just appears and it feels right take a leap of faith. Give it a try. You’ll learn something new and you’ll grow in the process.

Venus is a social planet, and you do enjoy people and parties once you’re there. Getting you out of your favorite chair is the challenge. Well, don’t worry, this month, you can stay there. The planet Venus is isolated early in the month, so you’ll have more time alone. Venus rules love and how we connect with others. If you feel like spending time away from the craziness of life, then do it now. You need time alone more than most signs, it allows you to think and access your creativity. What you don’t want is to feel disconnected or disempowered. Sometimes a minor event can trigger your vulnerabilities and ruin all the other great things that surround you. As a Cancer you’re very capable of feeling sorry for yourself and enjoying it. If you give in to this destructive side, you’ll just feel worse. Venus is also love and if you’re single, this is not the month to meet someone. If you do and it works out, it’s because both of you are communicating on another level, one that doesn’t require words. If you’re in a committed relationship, then give each other some space. You need time to reflect, not be under scrutiny. Once you’re clear on your own position, dealing with others is easy.

This month should be rewarding when it comes to work and home, however you will have to make some important decisions. My advice is to get onto a path that feels right. Compromises are easy once you know what you really want. Don’t wait too long to share your plans or your decisions. Give others a chance to feel included, but not so much time that they start to beat up on you. All in all, you should be able to work everything out and feel successful.


Cancer Horoscope - Linda Joyce