November Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st  – April 19th)


You are transforming your life into your what you always wished it to be. This is the time to move your career or goals forward and position yourself for success. Relationships are challenging in a good way, they either encourage you to grow, or they reach a point of success that motivates you to do the same.

Aires are both sexy and loving, an irresistible combination. As the first sign of the zodiac they have a raw sexuality that is part of their nature. Sex exudes from their pores. Although they are attracted to beautiful bodies, what holds their attention is the quality of their beloved’s soul. They need a spiritual connection to be truly happy. Their best and worst quality is their idealism, it makes them strive to be the best, but then they also live with perpetual dissatisfaction believing they could do a better job. Love is sacred and so their beloved is often placed on a pedestal, but this keeps intimacy at a distance. However, when they find their soul mate everything changes, they know how to surrender all of who they are. Their ability to let go and merge themselves with someone else helps them recharge their batteries so they can then go out into the world and conquer it.   

The full Moon on the 4th of November brings finances to the fore. The Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio is a powerful moment. Everything you have been working toward and believe in comes together. You have the ability right now to take a step that will bring you closer to making your dreams come true. The trine from Pluto to the Moon is short lived, but it carries a strong message. Your intuition is heightened and the messages you get are about your future. Take note. Don’t be surprised if things happen to support your choices. The Moon in Taurus is lucky in love and money and Jupiter conjunct the Sun brings power and connections to those in high places. The stars have aligned to help you take the next step.

Saturn in trine to Uranus helps you bring new ideas into your old repertoire. The old and the new don’t have to fight each other; they can work together. It’s all about not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Pay attention to what works and what needs improvement. Then take the time to update your projects and ideas, what is working, what isn’t. It’s important to be clear on what you need to be successful.

Relationships are challenging this month, not because they’re not working, but because change is in the air. Libra rules your 7th house of partnerships and you love having things peaceful between you and your partner. However, your partner is about to get an opportunity that will improve his or her stature in the world. It’s exciting and it may also bring up any insecurity you have about your position in their life. Don’t overreact; it’s just your ego talking. Be supportive and whatever happens it’s all for the right reason. To add to your challenges Mars is transiting your 7th house. Mars demands that both parties share the same vision or there could be conflict. You can’t be on different pages for this to work now. So if you don’t agree sit down and find a compromise. Take the time to discuss how you feel and where you see yourselves in the future. Good communication is essential. If you don’t share your feelings you’ll harbor fear and resentment. If you’re single, it’s a different story. You may meet someone who challenges your vision of who you are and where you’re going. This person has confidence and knows what they want and it forces you to become more clear about your own desires -- it’s part of the attraction. Let others challenge who you are, but don’t change to please anyone, change because it makes sense to you. Whatever happens it will be a time of action filled with interesting discussions. This is how we grow.   

The Sun\Jupiter conjunction in the 8th house is the power behind your transformation. As you own your beliefs and the success you’ve dreamed about begins to happen, it changes you. As power becomes real, you realize that you have always had the strength to achieve your goals. You begin to speak out more. You realize you deserve to have a say, not just in your own destiny, but in whatever you are a part of. Your confidence increases and the stronger you get the faster the rewards come in.

Neptune in Pisces is contributing to your newfound recognition. Don’t be surprised if others look up to you and see you as a leader. It’s everything you’ve wanted. Don’t let it make you feel insecure, or put pressure on you to be perfect. Just be you. You got here because you’ve been doing something right, now trust the process. Just because others finally recognize your talents, doesn’t mean that you have to offer more. Who you are is enough.

The New Moon on the 18th keeps the emphasis on the 8th house of transformation. It represents death and rebirth. This can be a magical time if you’re ready for change. If you’re not then you will fight the process. You are being given a chance to step into your future. Act like the winner you are and you’ll hurry the process along.  With the New Moon comes a square to Pluto. This represents your own resistance to everything you’ve wanted. Yes, the enemy dwells within. You’re a natural risk taker. If you feel it -- you have no trouble jumping in. It’s when your instincts start paying off that you begin to doubt yourself. As long as you have a challenge, as long as you can engage in a struggle, you feel strong and confident. Once you’ve achieved something, then others see you as the challenge. You are now the person to overcome – the person to topple. So get rid of your need to be perfect, if you’re in the public eye, you will always be criticized no matter what you do. So your job is to pull in your ego, and not let others bring you down. Success is a lot harder to manage than the quest for it. Success is never what we imagined, it doesn’t change your insecurities – you have to do that. It just makes it easier to pay the bills.

One minute you’re loved, the next you’re criticized, don’t pay attention to either one. Be centered in you. Believe in you. And take the time to reset your goals. There’s always a mountain to climb, causes to fight, and yes, the opportunity to share your journey with those who are just starting out.






Aries Horoscope by Linda Joyce