January Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st  – April 19th)

With Neptune strong so is uncertainty and only confidence makes it go away. It’s all an illusion because with Jupiter conjunct Mars in your 8th house, finances are excellent and yet . . . you worry. It’s all about faith and new beginnings. Everyone is cautious at the beginning of the year, unsure of how it will unfold. 

Impatience is both an asset and an obstacle for the sign of Aries. At times the ability to listen to your instincts and jump in because your gut tells you to do something -- is an asset. In fact, it can save your life. However, if you do it all the time, even when you have the luxury to figure things out, then you are not developing the self-discipline you need to embrace long-lasting success. At times the mind needs to rule over the heart, the practical must be honored as much as desire and passion. The key to knowing when and what to listen to comes from the wisdom of making mistakes and learning from them. With the New Year upon you take the time to evaluate your talents. Don’t be afraid to be truthful, in fact – be ruthless in your self-assessment. Self-knowledge is the beginning of discipline, strength and the ability to make good decisions – all necessary on the path to success.

There are two Full Moon’s in January, one on the 1st the other on the 31st. January 1st puts the emphasis on your 4th and 10th house, home vs. career. What may get overlooked are your personal needs. The Moon in Cancer doesn’t always express itself freely, rather it holds everything in and hopes that others will “know” what they want, but of course they don’t. In January your career will be demanding and Saturn, the taskmaster, will be in Capricorn, the ruler of your goals and career. Finding a sense of balance will be challenging. Just do your best and communicate to others what you’re going through. With Saturn giving out the rewards, it’s time to get serious about your dreams: do the work and take the risks. If you do you’ll get ahead; if you don’t, Saturn will make you repeat the challenge until you get it right. The second full moon or Blue Moon occurs on January 31, in your 5th and 11th houses. This will be a total lunar eclipse. What you discover during a lunar eclipse is your shadow, the fact that you are not a perfect being. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your imperfections during this time. This awareness can be triggered through friends, children or a social event. Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged; learn from your mistakes and realize that no one is perfect.

January 3rd, Uranus stations direct in Aries and moves closer to its exit.  Uranus has been in Aries for seven years and will leave it in May of 2018. Over the last few years you’ve been challenged to think outside the box and open yourself up to new ideas. Uranus taught you detachment and independence, it also helped you define what makes you different and special. With four months left before the big shift, it’s important to acknowledge how much you’ve changed. Did you open up, take risks and learn from both your triumphs and mistakes? Or have you resisted transformation? If you’ve been afraid to change the pressure will be intense when Uranus exists. Remember, the crisis is internal, not external. No one is pushing you to change. It’s all about committing to your goals and doing whatever is necessary to achieve them.

In spite of all the pressure to change the good news is your finances are great! With Mars conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house, money should not be an issue. This is a time to either invest or reap the rewards of past efforts. If you’ve done the work then the pot of gold will keep on giving. A side benefit of this conjunction is extra energy and a feeling of invincibility – you feel the power and you want to express it. Your faith propels you forward, overcoming any obstacles with ease. With Neptune in trine to Mars and Jupiter there may be a few surprises that open doors you hadn’t planned on walking through. It’s a great start to the beginning of the year and an indication of good things to come.   

The New Moon on the 16th keeps the focus on your goals. In fact with six planets in the sign of Capricorn you will feel obsessive about whatever you are doing. As long as you don’t work yourself into a health problem, a little obsession can actually move things along. Jupiter and Mars make a sextile and that gives you the extra energy you need to burn the midnight oil. However, Uranus squares at least four of the six planets in Capricorn, which means there is resistance to some of the change. Think of it this way; it’s all about commitment. When you make it, you stop the torture and move forward.

Neptune in your 12th house of dreams and the unconscious can bring you a sense of faith and security. After all, it’s in its own sign of Pisces and so dreams can be brought to the fore. Neptune energy is challenging because it requires confidence to work well. That means you have to trust. When you do, you’re not afraid to take a risk. It’s important to remind yourself that even when you don’t get the prize, you’ve probably gained insight into yourself – and that’s a gift. Neptune is known to cause trouble; this month it creates a few more areas of insecurity by squaring your ruler, Mars. No more escape dreams, just the ones you’re ready to commit to. Clean out the cobwebs of your mind and you’ll see how easy it is to advance. Even with your insecurities being targeted, you’re in good shape for the coming year. This is the first month of 2018. If you’ve made any resolutions commit to them as long as you haven’t overloaded yourself with impossible feats. Remember if you can get a friend to join you on your quest, then you’ll have someone to answer to and your chances of achieving your goals has just improved. Happy New Year. 


Aries Horoscope by Linda Joyce