September Horoscope for Aries

(March 21st  – April 19th)


Work trumps love, but you don’t notice because you’re busier than ever. Instincts are strong and dreams invade your sleep creating an underlying restlessness that pervades your peace. Your mind, body and spirit knows -- something big is about to happen.

With the taste of summer still clinging to your senses, it’s a struggle to direct your laser like focus and get back to work. I know you appear independent, but being loved is more important to you than anything else. You have a big heart and a big ego and they don’t always work together. If you’re in a love relationship you get spoiled and you feel empowered to go out and tackle the world. Fooling around is for the foolish or the young, a commitment sets you free.

The Sun has pulled ahead of Mars and the need to shine is less potent. Transitioning  back to work is easy until the Full Moon on September 6th.  This is when the Sun starts to square Saturn. Remember, Saturn is both your best friend and worst enemy. It picks on your wounds, not to hurt you but to point out what needs attention. Saturn rules your 10th house of career, but until December it resides in your 9th house of beliefs – your critical inner voice is the problem. That need for perfection allows you to put yourself down instead of look at issues with the motivation to learn. You treat others better than you treat yourself. This month you may find that you have more responsibility than you imagined. As it moves closer to an exact square you will feel the weight of all that you have to do. Dig in and accept it, because it will be gone by the end do the month and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way. It’s a blessing that is only felt when the work is done.

There’s nothing like confusion to make life interesting. The Sun provides it this month with an opposition to Neptune and the Moon. Neptune diffuses our energy and takes it into the realm of fantasy and imagination. If you have a creative job, then your ideas could make you money or help you break through old limitations. However, to focus means you need to remove any distractions. There’s only two possibilities with your temperament: either you’re passionate about what you do and exceptionally focused, or it’s almost impossible to keep your mind on your work. Saturn helps out here, it helps you ground yourself by pushing all your buttons and making you do the work. On a positive side, Neptune encourages your spirit to be rebellious. It doesn’t want the rules and regulations of Saturn to keep you in the box. It prefers the feeling of free choice. You can get this in a constructive way if you venture into nature or have a new experience – the unknown is what feeds your spirit and awakens you to new possibilities. The simplest way to get spiritual points is to separate yourself from your smart phone and listen to your instincts. You can calm your spirit down with a warm bath or by lying on the grass and looking up at the sky, a peaceful environment allows you to hear yourself. At night, Neptune will empower your dreams and if you are into analyzing them you may find they’re riddled with messages and symbolism. If you stay close to the feelings your dreams invoke, you’ll connect to your unconscious. One last thing, the danger of Neptune is it’s desire to escape reality – don’t give into delusion it’s addictive and destructive.  If you find yourself playing with conspiracy theories, falling in love with a celebrity, or drinking too much then you’re avoiding the moment. With the opioid addictions rising to levels of national disaster, don’t tempt yourself during this time by trying something foolish. Your resistance is low and it’s easier to get hooked on anything that distracts you from the challenges ahead.

If you’re looking to feel powerful, then the Sun Pluto trine will give it to you. Pluto is the Emperor, the planet with a magic wand, capable of transforming you and anything else it so desires. This is your moment to access worldly power, it’s a great time to hire a PR firm and have them put your name out in the world. It could transform your career. If this is your goal, then the added responsibility from Saturn and the glamour of Neptune will only add to the transformation process.

Be careful what you ask for. Your career is the focal point this month and as it takes off so does your work load and responsibility. Gone are those days you could stay in bed a little longer, or nurture a throbbing headache – an Aries weakness. It’s your time to make your wishes come true. If you wanted to have your own business now is the time to take the leap of faith. Or perhaps your dream is be a race car driver, or a doctor, stop dreaming and take action. Ruled by Mars, Aries is impatient, it loves speed and a good battle. What is driving you is the need for change and growth. Things have been on hold and now the door is open. Trust your instincts when it tells you to walk through and look at what’s inside.   

The cauldron is being stirred and you are on high alert. Mercury went direct on the 5th and things are finally getting back to normal: appointments don’t get canceled and your list of things to do should have been greatly diminished. What’s left is a few surprises that don’t disappoint. Uranus is trine Mercury and Mars and things are going to happen in a way you could never imagine. Don’t waste time figuring out how something so left field could be so right, just accept the gift and get things going. If an idea drops into your consciousness, write it down and if it stays in your brain and haunts you, take action. There is a message there for you, once you figure it out you’ll know what to do. One last thing, be careful of your temper, if you have one. Mars Uranus aspects tend to trigger arguments. And you don’t want to say anything you’ll regret later. 

Love and relationships are on the back burner; too much going on in the work arena. With Venus very much on its own for now and Jupiter opposite Uranus it’s all about reclaiming a sense of independence. This does not mean you don’t need or appreciate the support and help you get from your partner or friends, it means it’s time to rely on yourself – because you can. You need to reposition your power center to realize just how strong you are. You waste time when you consult others on things you can do on your own in a moment if you trusted yourself more. So take a risk, own the power and get the job done. If you’re in a relationship, just keep the communication going until things slow down. If you’re looking for love, it will not be easy to find this month. An isolated Venus won’t bring you a new romance, but it will take you deeper into the feelings you’re in touch with. However, if you’re one of those souls who defy the gods and you meet someone you really like, please pursue it. It’s a strange moment and love is magical so who am I to say it can’t happen. It all comes down to your personal destiny and chart anyway. 

All in all this could be a rewarding month if your focus is on your career and creating something lasting. You’ll get recognition for your work, along with more responsibility. If you’re not plugged into your goals, you could feel overwhelmed and lost and reluctant to make things happen. So what makes the difference -- it’s you – not the aspects. How do you use what you have? It’s important to know your purpose, are you pursuing your goals, making connections, taking risks and using your energy and charisma to move forward? If you are, then this month will be wonderful. If not, plug the gaps and get with the program, it’s time to commit to something. If you do, you’ll get out of your funk and see how much power you really have.












Aries Horoscope by Linda Joyce