January Horoscope for Aquarius

 (January 20th – February 18th)

Your career is about to take off and the reward is even greater than you imagined. Get ready for your life to change – all in good ways. Relationships could be an issue, for the moment you don’t agree on anything. Remind yourself that you don’t always have to. Life is full of diversity and sometimes opposites need to exist side by side.   

As an Aquarius you have a way with words and communication is a skill many of you have mastered. Your mind is quick and insightful and it seeks a greater truth. This keeps you excited about life and evolving – it’s difficult for an Aquarian to feel stuck – unless they try and save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. Love is powerful, but each of us is the master of our destiny and only we can change it. So be an example not a crutch and you’ll feel the freedom that is so sacred to an Aquarian soul. Aquarians need an ego; they need to realize that an ego is important when you use it for the right reasons. Make yourself a priority and stop putting others first. When you do it gives you the respect you desire and the power you need to make a difference in the world.

There are two Full Moons in January. On the 1st one occurs in you 6th and 12th houses. You will be aware this month of what you want to improve in yourself. With the New Year upon you, resolutions are demanding you add them to your schedule. Keep them simple if you want to achieve your goals. This is a good time to improve your work ethics and strengthen your career. Whatever the challenge before you, meet it with wisdom not a critical eye. Recognize where your weaknesses lie and find a way to strengthen those places so you can succeed at whatever it is you decide to do. If you’re only aware of your strengths, you’ll fail in the same places all the time.  The Full Moon on January 31st sets off your 7h and 1nd h houses – relationships vs. you. This will be a total lunar eclipse. What you discover during a lunar eclipse is your shadow, the fact that you are not a perfect being. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your flaws because if a relationship or a moment when you needed to be selfish. Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged, learn from your mistakes and realize that no one is perfect.

Saturn has returned home to Capricorn and it is working its way through your 12th house – the unconscious. Whatever lies in the 12th always seems beyond our reach. The mission is to turn inward and so the need to be alone is felt. This aspect demands you take the time to create a dialogue with your heart. Don’t feel there is something wrong if you prefer to stay at home rather than go out. Saturn is the teacher who wants you to get a perfect paper and it’s there to help you do it. The danger is that you will feel worse about yourself when you realize all the things that are not working. Remind yourself you can’t change what you’re not aware of, so see Saturn as your savior. Once you have the information you can do things your way and when you feel you’re ready. Be grateful not upset. The positive side of Saturn strong is that it has lowered your tolerance level and what used to get dismissed without even a thought, is suddenly not acceptable. There is this desire to get rid of people who are stuck and things that don’t work. Get them out of your world. When you do, you feel lighter and you begin to streamline your life.

It’s true this month you’re impossible to please. The conjunction of Pluto to the Sun square Uranus is at fault. Certain things are suddenly very clear; sure you could have been tougher on yourself and if you had, things would be different. However, all you can do is learn from it and move on. Change has been knocking on your door and its time to let it in. A new you is waiting to emerge. Everyone is changing now, including you and its not always comfortable, but it is inevitable.

The Mars \ Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in your tenth house is a wonderful aspect for success in your career. Whatever it is you’ve been working on, will advance and increase your opportunities. If you work for a corporation you may get a better position. If you’re self-employed new clients or avenues may appear. You only need one thing for this magic to work: you have had to do the work, faced your demons and survived. If you have, it’s made you strong and ready for the next set of challenges. Neptune brings in some additional rewards; your ideals are activated and you may find yourself doing better than you first imagined. Just keep yourself focused, truthful and treat yourself with respect. The rest happens all by itself.  

Relationships may be somewhat difficult this month. You could find yourself in a battle that you can’t resolve – you’re just two different when it comes to this issue. So don’t try and convince your partner you’re right, just agree to a truce and respect each other’s opinion. If you’re single, this is not the month to commit or meet someone new. The energy is too chaotic for peace, but if chaos is what you’re looking for, then forget what I just said and enjoy the month.

This is the first month of the New Year. I wish you all success with your resolutions and dreams. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want, it’s the only way to get it.



Aquarius Horoscope - Linda Joyce