November Horoscope for Aquarius

 (January 20th – February 18th)

With Jupiter in your 10th house of career for one year, opportunity will not be a problem. Your challenge is to know what you want and to go for it. The more control you take, the more you advance. Relationships are feeling strong and their newfound power is available for you when and if you need support. 

There is a desire in every Aquarian soul to be independent, that is, to not depend on others for their existence. What makes this difficult is their loving heart. They can remain in a relationship because it serves those who need love, even when it thwarts personal goals. Aquarians need to understand that independence is not just paying the bills; it requires selfishness. You are never truly free until you can stop saving those who refuse to save themselves. Aquarius is opposite Leo, the sign of a strong ego. For this air sign to work well, it needs its ego to hold its own. When you step off your path to help another it must be by choice and not because you can’t say no. If you’re an Aquarian without a strong sense of self, then practice putting yourself first. Once you can hold your own in a crowd and feel good about yourself, you’re ready to help others – but not before. Love needs power and power needs love, they are both necessary for either one to achieve success and happiness.

The Full Moon in the 4th and 10th houses creates a tug of war between your personal needs and your career. Scorpio rules your career, so it can easily dominate over loving Taurus. However, it can work the other way around; if it does you will sacrifice yourself too much without appreciation. Both your career and personal life will suffer. The good news is that your 10th house is activated with the presence of four powerful planets. The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio bring you opportunity and success. You have the ability to attract attention, to persuade others to help you advance and friendships are eager to do your bidding —if you ask for their support. Pluto, the ruler of your house of career, has been in your 12th house since 2008 and will not exit until 2024. In some way you’re working behind the scenes, but that’s about to change. If the job you’re in doesn’t do it for you, don’t wait any longer -- send out your resume. And if you’re in the right job, then be prepared to get a raise, a bonus or some show of appreciation.

Neptune in trine to the Sun is a transit that empowers you – at least for the first two weeks of the month. It’s important to take control now, or someone else will. When you do, you’ll get hooked on having things your way – not a bad thing. Neptune rules your house of money, so there is a good chance your effort will improve your financial status.

Saturn trine Uranus, your ruler, provides a wonderful jolt of reality and strength to whatever you are doing. Normally these two planets don’t get along: Saturn is methodical and practical; Uranus is sudden and unexpected. The trine helps you take the best of both worlds and bring them together. The past is not discarded, nor is tradition, but the new ideas do change the moment enough to bring you and what you’re doing into the future. If you want to compete in this world it’s important to keep current. You are the sign that rules the future and the ancient past, so it’s in your nature to put yourself on the cutting edge. If you’re an Aquarian that has been hiding out, then it’s time for you to participate in the ever-changing world. Your energy comes alive when you challenge the status quo. Your mission is to help others reach their potential and in so doing you gain self-worth. When you share what you have, you empower what you have. But you have to give from a place of strength and not because you want to be loved. Once you get this down, everything falls into place.

Relationships are in a state of change. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to stop and reposition yourself in it. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel and do listen to what your partner says. If you feel heard, it’s almost as good as having someone agree with you. The good news is you’re both evolving and that requires some tweaking. Things are not exactly as they were, so accept the changes that are already directing your life. The blessing is you’re both stronger, so independence is more important. The freedom you’ve tasted requires risk. Break your routines and form new ones – patterns can keep one stuck. If you’re not in a relationship, then you could meet someone at work, or just when you’re out and about doing whatever it is that needs to get done. Strength is the aphrodisiac this month and the person who catches your eye, will be the one giving orders with ease. It’s an important encounter for you, because it validates all that has been happening in your life. Through this person’s eyes, you will see yourself differently.

The New Moon on the 18th keeps the focus on your 10th house of career. At this time Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Scorpio and in trine to Neptune. Creativity is at an all time high and so is your ability to put your ideas into words and action. It may be difficult to move forward unchallenged; Mars square Pluto puts an obstacle on your path. Don’t waste your time in a battle that will get you nowhere, instead, find a way around whatever or whomever  is in your way.



Aquarius Horoscope - Linda Joyce